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Your Guide On The Path To Passive Income

As a physician, your high income affords you the opportunity to consider investment options that are not available to the general public. Alternative investments typically include things like real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and other tangible assets.

While alternatives can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and hedge against inflation, they can come at a price. They typically have a higher barrier to entry and often require a much more substantial investment, both in time and money, than conventional investments. Our team at Physicians Thrive powered by Larson Capital Management provides a solution to these barriers.

We will work with you to evaluate if adding alternative investments to your portfolio is the right way to diversify your holdings.

Why Choose Physicians Thrive?


Our team knows it’s critical to protect our clients from the devastating impact large drawdowns can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio. We work with an investment team that has developed and implemented investment strategies specifically geared toward our client’s unique investment goals as well as their tolerance for risk.


Our investment team’s approach is based on using varied strategies to help minimize risk. While each of our strategies has its own methodology, our focus is to avoid major losses. We believe that diversification across multiple risk-controlled strategies helps manage wealth for both performance and protection.

Managed Risk

In attempting to avoid large-scale losses, we utilize strategies that emphasize low correlation to broader volatile market activity, whether through hedged equity with the use of protective options, tactical strategies to dynamically adjust to market conditions, or other risk management practices.

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