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Private Practice Start-Up Webinar

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Filling The Gap Between Medical Training And Business Training

Accordingly, Physicians Thrive is now offering free webinar sessions on how to start a private practice. We want to empower physicians with the knowledge, resources, and tools to succeed. In addition, these sessions will be a good introduction to the world of private practices. Here at Physicians Thrive we want to help you find the best career path for you.

Here’s what we will cover in these private practice virtual learning sessions:

  • First, reasons doctors should start a private medical practice: autonomy, flexible scheduling, tailor practice, increased income
  • Second, reasons doctors may be reluctant to start a private medical practice
  • Third, the steps it takes to start a private practice: licensing, contracting with hospitals, selecting an office space, business insurance, etc.
  • Next, understanding revenue and expenses of a private practice physicians
  • Finally, the various lifestyles of private practice physicians

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Learn the basics of starting a private practice.

46% of physicians are in private practice.

Moreover, across the country, physicians are leaving large healthcare systems to start their own private practices. Find a career that provides the autonomy you prefer.

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Furthermore, learn how to start your own practice. We’re here to help you discover if a building a private practice is right for you. In addition, there is no reason to be nervous about giving us a call. We are at your service and happy to help!

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