The Physician's Guide to Malpractice Insurance

Learn what every physician should know before they purchase malpractice insurance


What’s Inside the Guide?

What types of coverage are available

What are the most common types of medical malpractice insurance and which is right for you?

Nose and tail endorsements

Because a claims-made policy will only cover you if the event happened while the policy was in force, you cannot just leave your current carrier and start over with a new insurer.

Reporting Damages

Incident reporting allows the physician to report an adverse outcome to the carrier as a potential claim while a written demand for damages in order to consider a claim to be reported, then the physician must wait to be sued before the claim is recognized.

Policy Exclusions

Most individual practitioner’s policies specifically exclude coverage for duties as a “medical director.” You should study carefully the exclusions of your current and any future professional liability insurance policy.

Understand Your Malpractice Coverage

The Physician’s Guide to Malpractice Insurance is here to help physicians understand the details included in a malpractice insurance policy. Don’t start shopping without educating yourself on the parts of a malpractice policy.

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