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Financial Health Score

These 7 questions can help you determine your financial future.

In the future, will you become wealthier or poorer? Who knows, right? It seems like you would need a crystal ball to really answer that question given life’s up and downs. What if you can determine it from your present financial behaviors?

Our team put together 7 questions that give insight into your habits around money that can ultimately affect your finances in the future.



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What’s your score?  A financially positive answer to a question was assigned 1 point; a financially negative answer, 0 points. If you are able to successively answer the above questions , your household is probably in pretty good financial shape – or better. In simple terms, those answers would get you a 7.0.

Here’s the bottom line. If you save money consistently and maintain a good cash position if you make loan and mortgage payments on time and pay off 100% of your credit card debt each billing cycle, if you avoid debts that put a strain on your budget, congratulations. You are doing the right things on behalf of your financial life and promoting your chances to build wealth.

Our team can help you evaluate your financial situation with a free comprehensive financial check-up and work with you to build a plan that will set you on a path toward your financial goals. Click here to get connected with an advisor.