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Physician Disability Insurance

As you start your career, quality disability insurance is the key to keeping your finances secure in the event of accident, injury, or medical emergency.

The largest discounts are available to residents & fellows

The top insurance companies provide discounts for training physicians and they last for the life of the policy -not just until graduation. There are not a lot of chances to score discounts on true own-occupation disability insurance, so taking advantage of these discounts is a must.

$375 Billion

and counting...

We’ve Shopped Billions of Dollars in Coverage.

Our team has worked with thousands of physicians to weigh their options for disability insurance around the United States.

When you work with Physicians Thrive, we promise the best service for physicians.

See all your options.

Our experts present all the options—not just the ones we want you to choose—so the freedom to choose the best policy for you is always at your discretion. Plus, your insurance will follow wherever the job market takes you.

The best discounts.

When Physicians Thrive finds the lowest rate, you’ll know immediately so you can jump on exceptional insurance discounts.

Reliable coverage.

Our experts work with top disability insurance companies to get as many quotes as needed so our clients never have to shop around—simply choose the option that works for you.

Now is the best time to buy disability insurance

You’re in your prime. 
Disability insurance rates are based on your age and health so applying sooner than later can help you save. Each year you wait to apply you will pay between 5-7% more for the same coverage.

Your coverage will move with you.
Most new physicians switch employers multiple times within their first few years of training. With an individual disability insurance policy, you have coverage that remains the same from job to job without any extra work on your end.

We work with physicians at over 400 medical centers

Our team has worked with physicians from the top resident and fellowship programs in the world


Group Vs Individual Plans

Employer-provided plans won’t give you the coverage you need in if you become sick or injured. Discover the major differences in coverage between group plans and individual plans in the chart below.

Employer Provided Disability Insurance


There is no guaranteed of coverage or policy renewal. Your employer can change your plan or cancel your coverage at any time

You don’t get to keep your coverage if you leave your current position

Any benefit received is taxed as ordinary income if provided by your employer

If you are working in any capacity your group plan will stop paying you

Own Occupation Disability Insurance


Policies from independent carriers are non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable which means the company cannot cancel or change your policy

You own your policy so it stays with you from job to job

Benefits are received completely tax-free

If you cannot do your primary duties your policy will pay you the full benefit. You will still have full freedom to work in any other capacity

- Jigar Panchal

I worked with Dave Swan recently for disability insurance. Dave and his team were very professional and courteous. He was always available for questions and was overall a pleasure to work with.

- Saurabh Singhal

I couldn't recommend Dave & Steve Stratman for contract review services more. I also further have a meeting set with Dave to discuss disability insurance and continue our discussion about financial education and planning in the upcoming weeks.

- Nick Peacock

Great company to work with, helped me set up own occupation disability insurance and were very helpful and great at explaining things along the way.

- Ealena Callender

I have been very pleased with Physician's Thrive. Their representatives are always responsive and helpful. Michaela is pleasant and eager to help. It is great to have one reliable place to go for a wide range of services. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

- Doug Zaruta

Top notch all-inclusive financial planning, contract review, accounting, tax planning, and more. Dave Swan is a true professional with strong values and integrity. He and the entire team at Physician's Thrive are trustworthy, reliable, and accessible.

- Jake Luther

Michaela provided excellent advice regarding student loan repayment, investments, and home buying when I was entering residency. I highly recommend her and this company for any physicians that are in search of financial advising.

- Colton Roessner

Michaela gave a great presentation on medical student financial literacy and making the transition from student to resident to attending physician. I would highly recommend her for anyone with financial questions about medical student loans and financial planning!

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When you receive your quote comparison, our experienced advisor will review the quotes, explain all your options and the verbiage in each policy in detail to help you create a customized plan that meets your needs and your budget. We will review each element of the plan and the cost associated with it to help you evaluate the value and build unique, cost-effective coverage tailored to your situation.

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