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Discounted disability insurance for residents and fellows.

Physicians Thrive Provides Complete Satisfaction:


• Multiple quotes with a simplified comparison

• Access to some of the best insurance companies for physicians

• Unbiased personal guidance to evaluate your options

• An experienced advisor to customize a plan to help meet your unique needs

• Medical specialty-specific, own-occupation disability insurance plans

• Discounts at most medical institutions

• Coverage in all 50 states

• Ongoing service – a team advocating for you for the life of your policy

The largest discounts are available to residents & fellows.

The top insurance companies provide discounts for training physicians and they last for the life of the policy -not just until graduation. There are not a lot of chances to score discounts on true own-occupation disability insurance, so taking advantage of these discounts is a must.

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When you work with Physicians Thrive, we promise the best service for physicians.

See all your options.

Our experts present all the options—not just the ones we want you to choose—so the freedom to choose the best policy for you is always at your discretion. Plus, your insurance will follow wherever the job market takes you.

The best discounts.

When Physicians Thrive finds the lowest rate, you’ll know immediately so you can jump on exceptional insurance discounts.

Reliable coverage.

Our experts work with top disability insurance companies to get as many quotes as possible so our clients never have to shop around—simply choose the option that works for you.

Now is the best time to buy disability insurance

You’re in your prime. 
Disability insurance rates are based on your age and health so applying sooner than later can help you save. Each year you wait to apply you will pay between 5-7% more for the same coverage.

Your coverage will move with you.
Most new physicians switch employers multiple times within their first few years of training. With an individual disability insurance policy, you have coverage that remains the same from job to job without any extra work on your end.

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Over 52,000 physicians served with disability insurance quotes and more.

We’ve placed over 5 billion in coverage specifically for physicians.

Across the country, we’ve served thousands of physicians shop for insurance and protect themselves from the risk of life without an income.

Group vs Individual Plans

Employer-provided plans won’t give you the coverage you need in if you become sick or injured. Discover the major differences in coverage between group plans and individual plans in the chart below.


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Employer Provided Disability Insurance


There is no guaranteed of coverage or policy renewal. Your employer can change your plan or cancel your coverage at any time


You don’t get to keep your coverage if you leave your current position


Any benefit received is taxed as ordinary income if provided by your employer


If you are working in any capacity your group plan will stop paying you


Own Occupation Disability Insurance


Policies from independent carriers are non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable which means the company cannot cancel or change your policy


You own your policy so it stays with you from job to job

Benefits are received completely tax-free

If you cannot do your primary duties your policy will pay you the full benefit. You will still have full freedom to work in any other capacity


Physicians Thrive Reviews

My first time working with Physicians Thrive was for a contract review, and I was really impressed by the expertise of their team. It was obvious Dave (the financial advisor) and Steve Stratman (the attorney) had worked with hundreds of physician contracts, because they were able to identify potential trouble areas quickly and explain how different clauses could negatively affect my work. They also asked me about my professional, financial and personal priorities to help understand my goals for the contract as well as provide me with help after I signed the contract with financial planning services and access to their accounting team for tax reduction strategies. Knowing they can help me with student loan repayment, planning for a new home purchase and retirement planning is so relieving at a time when I'm in transition to my new job and have so many questions about my finances.In terms of salary review, they had amazing data tools to illustrate how the salary offer compared to other doctors with a similar location, experience level, subspecialty, and even productivity levels. There is no way I could have found information with this level of detail on my own.I needed a quick turn-around and they were able to review the contract and give feedback within just a couple of days.The whole process helped me negotiate my contact confidently and strategically, and I ended up getting a better salary offer. I couldn't recommend Dave & Steve Stratman for contract review services more. I also further have a meeting set with Dave to discuss disability insurance and continue our discussion about financial education and planning in the upcoming weeks.
Saurabh Singhal
Saurabh S.
Brilliant owner and staff. A delight to work with!
Amy Grewe
Amy G.
I currently do business with Physicians Thrive and they are by far one of the most stand up, do it right, integrity based organizations I've ever worked with. Their knowledge complimented by their unbeatable follow up is what makes them the best at what they do. Additionally I'm a HUGE fan of their mission to cure blindness... truly noble efforts on that from as well!
Derek Peterson
Derek P.
Extremely professional and passionate about everything they do. High integrity from owner and all staff.
Rick Magill
Rick M.
Great staff and down to earth. Can't say enough about this company and their staff!
Michael Wohlgemuth
Michael W.
Justin is a Rock Star! Professional, courteous, and an industry leader.
Brian Goracke
Brian G.
5 star service
Ryan Zink
Ryan Z.
Justin is fantastic to work with. He is knowledgeable and really listens. I highly recommend Justin and his team.
Stephen Lichter
Stephen L.
I am really pleased with this entire group. They work hard to keep you engaged and up to date with important aspects of financial stability that we often times put on the back burner given our very busy schedules. They are passionate about their job and they do not use a cookie cutter approach. Each individual or family is unique and they tailor your needs to your specific situation. I have been working with them for 7 years and they have always been very helpful and professional.
Andrew Coughlin
Andrew C.
Justin Nabity of Physicians Thrive has been representing my family for over four years. We could not be happier with the service he provides for us and our financial peace of mind. From helping with my wife's contract negotiations and ensuring we have enough insurance coverage to establishing a living will and trust for our kids, Justin has been instrumental in guiding us through the process of protecting my family's financial future. Thank you, Justin!!!
Robert Terp, Jr.
Robert Terp, J.
My husband and I have been with Justin since my husband was a fellow. He has helped us navigate life insurance, disability insurance and financial planning. Over the years, he has become not only our financial planner but a friend. I recommend Justin and Physicians Thrive to physicians and non physicians anytime someone mentions needing a financial planner!
Amanda Breard
Amanda B.
The team members at Physicians Thrive are highly committed to the success of their clients. They all go above and beyond and exceed client expectations.
steven stratman
steven S.
I have been very pleased with Physician's Thrive. Their representatives are always responsive and helpful. Michaela is pleasant and eager to help. Even if something is outside of her scope, she will talk to her colleagues or do some research to help provide guidance. It is great to have one reliable place to go for a wide range of services. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks.
Ealena Callender
Ealena C.
Great company to work with, helped me set up own occupation disability insurance and were very helpful and great at explaining things along the way.
Nick Peacock
Nick P.
Great people and great company
What an amazing, honest and successful firm. Thank you!
Derrick Eells
Derrick E.
This firm does a tremendous job for their clients!
Harry Archer
Harry A.
First class perofessionals. Dedicated to doing what is right for their clients.
Guy Baker, PhD, MBA, MSFS
Guy Baker, PhD, MBA, M.
A team that has vision, passion and care for their clients. Appreciate the philanthropic mission in giving back to others.
Jeff Barclay
Jeff B.
Justin is so knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I cannot recommend him and his company highly enough.
Morgan D.
Morgan D.
We've been using these guys for about 7 years now and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great people, trustworthy as can be. Just really glad we came across them.And...if you're a pilot they can set you up w/ the right kind of insurance 😉
Jeremy Aspen
Jeremy A.
Justin and his team are top notch and provide a level of specialized service that is not found very often.
Aaron Moser
Aaron M.
This is an excellent company that is driven by purpose. I really admire what Justin and his team are doing for Physicians and the community.
Curt Drew
Curt D.
Justin Nabity is an excellent business leader with high integrity and the best interests of his clients front of mind. I have learned a lot about Justin while working with him on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization
Dan Hemphill
Dan H.
If you are a physician and need an advisory group please check these guys out! They help many make confident financial choices everyday in everything from contracts, insurance to retirement planning. So awesome to have a financial company specialize in a group instead of go for the masses.
Lallenia Birge
Lallenia B.
Very forward thinking company that is client focused with strong community awareness
Shawn Kolterman
Shawn K.
Fantastic resource. incredible value provided to our clients. Cannot recommend Justin strongly enough.
hunter ewing
hunter E.
This is such a great company with an amazing vision for the future! The owners are very focused and hardworking!
Sierra Kroeker
Sierra K.

Get Free Disability Insurance Quotes

When you receive your quote comparison, our experienced advisor will review the quotes, explain all your options and the verbiage in each policy in detail to help you create a customized plan that meets your needs and your budget. We will review each element of the plan and the cost associated with it to help you evaluate the value and build unique, cost-effective coverage tailored to your situation.