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Filling the Gap Between Medical Training and Business Training

Whether on-site or via live virtual session, our educational sessions are tailored to fill the gap between medical training and business training and provide physicians with practical advice and strategies to help make sound financial, legal and business decisions. Please note that On-Site Sessions are dependent on the availability of our advisors and we typically recommend scheduling at least two months in advance.

If you are interested in having our team provide an educational session on specific medical, legal or financial topics that are relevant to residents and fellows, please contact our team to discuss planning a tailored session for your program.

Financial Do’s & Don’ts for Physicians in Training

Physicians are on a unique financial journey with many fiscally lean years during training and often a six-figure debt load. This intensely practical session tackles tough financial choices head-on and is ideal for 1st year residents and 3rd year fellows alike

Plan & Protect Your Income

A physician’s biggest asset is their ability to earn income. You’ve spent time and money on training, that’s why protecting your future income with disability insurance is so important. In this session we discuss the do’s and don’ts to make coverage affordable.

Disability Insurance

This is educational session helps physicians sort through all the options they have when it comes income protection through disability insurance. There are a number of options every physician has through carriers, riders, and features. This presentation helps them step back and sift through all the noise.

After this presentation physicians will come away with:

  • An understanding of the difference between employer disability insurance plans and true own occupational coverage. This includes details about why often group insurance plans are deficient and don’t cover physicians in most cases of illness or injury. 
  • The ability to verify when an insurance company is true own-occupation.  
  • Physicians will walk away with a handout of a side by side comparison of all their options for disability insurance. 

Contract Pitfalls: The Bold Ramifications of the Fine Print

While physicians in their last 3 years of training are especially interested in evaluating contracts, even 1st year residents would greatly benefit from understanding the changing dynamics of physician contracts.  Your physicians will leave this session empowered as they weigh job offers and negotiate terms.

From Residency to Retirement

This popular comprehensive 4-5 hour workshop covers the most important foundational business pieces that all physicians must understand to help achieve success in their practice and personal lives. The interactive workshop provides physicians with in-depth information regarding interview preparation and techniques, how to best structure employment contracts, contract negotiation, common contractual mistakes, income protection strategies, financial planning, tax planning and wealth accumulation.

This workshop can be broken into several smaller sessions depending on your schedule and availability.

Downloadable Resources

Our mission is to help physicians thrive, and make good decisions that will last a lifetime. We’re here to give you the resources and information you need to help physicians with everything from contract reviews and job search to insurance and financial planning.

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Contract Review Resources

Help your physicians secure the best possible contract. Head over to our Contract Review Resources page for downloadable e-books on the topics of:

  • Ensuring Flexibility in Employment Contracts
  • How to Negotiate
  • Misconceptions
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Knowing Your Worth
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Financial Planning Resources

Set up your physicians to thrive well into the future. Our Financial Planning Resources page includes everything you need to know on the topics of:

  • What’s Missing in Your Financial Plan
  • Benefits of a Roth IRA
  • Common Obstacles in Building Wealth
  • Financial Planning Traps
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Insurance Resources

Help make sure your physicians are protected. Our Insurance Resources page will explain:

  • Causes of Disability
  • Causes of Disability Insurance Blunders
  • How Much Life Insurance is Necessary
  • Importance of Life and Disability Insurance
  • Types of Life Insurance