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Our mission is to help Physicians thrive, and make good decisions that will last a lifetime. We’re here to give you the resources and information you need to help Physicians with everything from contract reviews and job search to insurance and financial planning.

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2023 comp report ipad

2023 Physician Compensation Report

How does your salary stack up against your colleagues?

2024 comp report ipad landscape

2024 Physician Compensation Report

Get a leg up on your competition by learning how your salary compares to your colleagues.


2022 Physician Compensation Report

How does your salary stack up against your peers?


2020 Physician Compensation Guide

Know the facts to protect yourself and your annual earnings.


Contract Review: Exiting an Employment Agreement

Understand what is in your contract and what particular terms and conditions you should be aware of as you prepare to exit.


A Guide on Managing Medical School Debt

Stop student loans from ruining your life


Ensuring Flexibility in Physician Employment Contracts

Understanding the most critical
elements of your contract and how to negotiate them


The Physician's Guide to Malpractice Insurance

Learn what every physician should know before they purchase malpractice insurance


Essential Elements of Financial Planning

Physicians Thrive compiled invaluable advise on what every physician should look for in their financial planner.

Physician’s Top 10 Places to Live & Work

Physicians Thrive found the best places for physicians to not only work but for their families to thrive. Before you apply for your next job, check out our guide.


Physicians Guide to Disability Insurance

Protecting your income with disability insurance is critical for maintaining wealth when unforeseen circumstances occur.


Physician Employment Interview Kit

Unlock invaluable advice from our team of experienced advisors about physician employment contracts

Filling The Gap Between Medical Training and Business Training

Speaking Engagements

Whether on-site or via live virtual session, our educational sessions are tailored to fill the gap between medical training and business training and provide physicians with practical advice and strategies to help make sound financial, legal and business decisions. Please note that On-Site Sessions are dependent on the availability of our advisors and we typically recommend scheduling at least two months in advance.

If you are interested in having our team provide an educational session on specific medical, legal or financial topics that are relevant to residents and fellows, please contact our team to discuss planning a tailored session for your program.

All Speaking Engagements

Financial Do’s & Don’ts for Physicians in Training

Physicians are on a unique financial journey with many fiscally lean years during training and often a six-figure debt load. This intensely practical session tackles tough financial choices head-on and is ideal for 1st year residents and 3rd year fellows alike