A Guide on Managing Medical School Debt

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Stop student loans from ruining your life

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What's inside the guide

Managing Debt While Training

You can save yourself thousands of dollars by paying what you can each month, even if it’s just covering the costs of interest.

Don’t Neglect Investing While Paying Off Loans

Find a balance between making regular payments on your loan(s) while saving or investing your money elsewhere too

Refinancing Your Loans

Refinancing lets physicians either pay off their debt faster or lower their monthly bills.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Consider options in underserved areas of the country or PSLF programs to help you pay back your loans.

Stop Stressing About Debt

Get insight from our advisors on taking on your loans during and after training.

The Guide on Managing Medical School Debt is here to help physicians feel more confident as they strategize to tackle their student loans. If there’s one thing most residents have in common besides a passion for medicine, it’s debt. After reading this eBook, you will be more equipped to make decisions regarding your loans.

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