2020 Physician Compensation Guide

Whether you’re thinking about practicing in a new state or wondering if your signing bonus is on par with what it should be, know the facts to protect yourself and your annual earnings.


What’s Inside the Guide?

Compensation Trends

  • Compensation by Region
  • Compensation by Specialty
  • Compensation by Gender
  • Compensation Bonuses
  • How Do Physicians Want to Be Paid?
  • Compensation Trends Summary

Hiring Trends

  • Hiring Trends by Specialty
  • Hiring Trends by Region
  • Hiring Trends by Gender
  • Who is Hiring?
  • How Are Physicians Getting Hired?
  • Hiring Trends Summary

And More

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Physicians Salaries
  • Participation in Patient Payment Methods
  • How Many Hours Are Physicians Working?
  • Are Physicians Happy?
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