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Private Practice Virtual Learning Sessions
Practice Start-Up Virtual Learning Session

Creating the Practice and Lifestyle you Desire


Filling The gap between medical training and business training

Physicians Thrive is now offering free virtual training sessions on how to start a private practice. We want to empower physicians with the knowledge, resources, and tools to allow them to choose the best career path for them.

Here’s what our private practice consultant, Dr. Mark Wallace will cover in these private practice virtual learning sessions:

  • Reasons doctors should start a private medical practice: autonomy, flexible scheduling, tailor practice, increased income
  • Reasons doctors may be reluctant to start a private medical practice
  • The steps it takes to start a private practice: licensing, contracting with hospitals, selecting an office space, business insurance, etc.
  • Dr. Mark Wallace’s personal experience as an ENT private practice physician
  • Understanding revenue and expenses of a private practice
  • The various lifestyles of private practice physicians

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Lay the groundwork to start your own practice. At Physicians Thrive, we’re here to help you build a private practice with confidence.