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Full Legal and Financial Review

When it’s time for contract reviews, you want a professional team that works for you, not your future employer. That’s why every contract review process from Physicians Thrive involves a licensed attorney and expertise from a Certified Financial Planner.

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Bring Years of Expertise to Your Negotiations

Our legal team has reviewed over 20,000 contracts across all 50 states, so we’re no stranger to the ins and outs of contract negotiations. In fact, 99% of physicians who work with us feel confident enough to sign their contracts once we’ve finished our full financial and legal review of their contract.

$2.4 Billion

and counting...

We’ve Reviewed & Negotiated Billions of Dollars of Physician Compensation

Why Choose Physicians Thrive

Specialized for Physicians

We only work with doctors. That narrow focus allows us to be true masters of our industry and ensures the best end negotiations for our clients.

Committed to Success

Whether it’s your first job or you’re an experienced physician, you deserve the best compensation available. We’ll work to ensure your success isn’t hindered by an unfair contract.

No Hidden Fees

The price you see is the price you pay. We’re as transparent with our costs as our physicians are with their patients’ healthcare. If you need to upgrade from single to multiple contract review, you’ll only pay the difference.

Physicians Thrive Contract Review Package

Get one or more contracts reviewed before you sign.


$599 Flat Rate

1 Employment Opportunity Reviewed


Access to Independently Contracted Attorney


Unlimited Consultations with Financial Advisor


Annual Access to MGMA Compensation Data and More


Compensation Audits for Your Entire Career


Annual Income Tax Audit


Option for Attorney to Negotiate on Your Behalf


2-3 Day Turnaround Time


+$250 Per Each Additional Contract

*Additional contract reivews must be purchased within 12 months.

Physicians Thrive Contract Review Guarantee

Physicians Thrive is proud to be the only provider with multiple guarantees, including: turn around and price matching. Ask your advisor or click here for more details.

Contract Review Guarantee

Get a quality contract review, guaranteed.

Check out our guarantee included with every Physicians Thrive contract review.

99% of Physician Thrive Clients

Sign Their Contract After Our Contract Review and Negotiation Process.

Across the country, we’ve served thousands of physicians ensure they receive the compensation they deserve and are not legally confined by an unfair contract.


Why Get A Contract Review?

One financial threat to your career is the possibility of inadequate compensation through complex payment formulas or a contract containing legal pitfalls that undermine your future income. Low compensation and contract loopholes are two of the main reasons almost 50% of physicians leave their employers. Don’t risk signing a bad agreement by working with an attorney + wealth advisor team.

- Dhaval Patel

Justin Nabity and his team are excellent resources for innumerable facets of financial planning with their superb knowledge, honest and straightforward advice combined with an astounding breadth of resources to help you along your journey. .

- Margarita Krasnova

I was very impressed by the level of services this company provides. I think every physician should consider legal and professional advise when being hired at the new position. While working with this company I realized how many mistakes I could’ve made if not being aware of very small but extremely important details of the contract.

- Jake Schlemmer

Physicians Thrive is an excellent organization that has provided prompt, outstanding service to me on multiple contracts. I remain thoroughly impressed with the quality of service I received and plan to use them any time I have a new contract in the foreseeable future.

- Jonathan Crews

I have nothing but good things to say about Justin Nabity and the staff. He guided me through the process of establishing myself with another practice that aligns with my future growth. He listened intently to my goals and really cares about achieving what is best for the client.

- Ekatherine Rivera

They accommodated to my schedule, were very familiar with the review of a contract of a J1 waiver physician. They reviewed the contract thoroughly, took the time to explain me everything, answered all my questions and helped me negotiate important changes to the contract. I highly recommend them.

- Jillian Halper

The Physicians Thrive team was phenomenal - organized, professional, personable, and able to answer all of my questions!

- Nakesha King MD

Physicians Thrive has been the perfect aide through Contract Review, Disability Insurance, and now Financial Planning--all facets with which I was fairly unfamiliar. Physicians Thrive has been an amazing tool to build a financial future while doing what I love.

- Earl Schott

My physician contract was reviewed quickly and professionally. Two-part review includes legal review with attorney and financial review with financial advisor. Would use again.

- Brendan Calhoun

Very friendly, professional and comprehensive contract review. Well worth it for peace of mind.

7,000+ satisfied physicians

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Whether you’re entering a new contract or exiting an old one, renegotiating an annual review or transitioning into a partnership, the experts at Physicians Thrive can take care of your review.

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