The Physician’s Guide to Disability Insurance

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Physicians have more at stake than any other profession. Protecting your income with disability insurance is critical for maintaining wealth when unforeseen circumstances occur.

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The Disability Insurance Guide Will Cover:

A complete understanding of how important a comprehensive disability income protection plan is to new physicians.

An understanding of the difference between a customized, individual disability insurance plan and group disability plans along with the pros and cons of each.

The key components of disability insurance for physicians and how they work together to provide maximum protection.

The importance of utilizing a disability insurance specialist in developing physician-specific disability coverage.

Understanding Disability Insurance

Know the benefits of income protection for physicians.

Most physicians begin their careers way behind the starting line in terms of money and time. It can difficult for the average person to fully understand or appreciate the monetary and time investment that goes into preparing for a medical career. But for physicians, it’s vital they realize the financial implications of their investment and begin their careers with a strategic plan to protect it.

Physicians, with their substantial investment of time and money and the potential to earn millions of dollars in return, have much more at stake than most other people. It is for this reason that physicians should consider
purchasing a disability insurance policy as early in their career as possible when the need is greatest and the cost is least expensive.

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