Medscape’s 2016 Physician Lifestyle Report is Out

Young PhysiciansMedscape’s 2016 Physician Lifestyle Report has been released…and the results are interesting. You can break it down per specialty, but the results are conclusive: doctors are suffering from burnout.
This affects every aspect of a doctor’s life in the workplace and at home, and, according to the report, also affects their own patients. Just think about how many people a doctor sees each week. If the burnout factor is to the point that it is affecting a doctor’s ability to do their own job, this has huge ramifications for people.
Medscape’s Physician Lifestyle Report provides a revealing look at how burnout and bias affect lifestyle and practice. This comprehensive report represents responses from over 15,000 US physicians and reveals details on happiness at home and work, weight and exercise, causes of burnout – and how male and female physicians from 25 different specialties fare on all of these factors.
Check out the entire report here.

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