flipMD connects physicians with unique consulting opportunities

Dr. Greg Hanson is making it easier than ever for physicians to find their next side job.  This summer, Dr. Hanson and his wife Lauren Hanson co-founded flipMD, an innovative online platform that allows doctors from all over the country to connect remotely with businesses in need of physician consultants.  The idea for the business ... Read More

Who Should Consider LIRP?

Physicians Thrive spoke with subject matter expert, Michael Fontanini, regarding which individuals stand to benefit the most from a life insurance strategy designed to maximize cash-value accumulation. Life Insurance Retirement Planning (LIRP) is a complementary protection and wealth accumulation strategy that allows physicians to diversify and supplement their retirement income with the cash-value of a ... Read More

A September Update on Covid-19 & Physician Employment Prospects

With a tightening job market, physicians are advised to be patient, but not passive. In April, we wrote about the myriad ways that the onset of COVID-19 was affecting physicians and their employment contracts. At the time, hospital settings were bracing for sudden spikes in patient loads, while many private practices were pressuring physician employees ... Read More
Investment Market Update A September Sell Off September 22, 2020 Stocks fell this week for a third straight week as the month of September continues to be a poor month for investors. Markets have trended down the last three weeks after setting all time highs on September 2. Economic data was mixed this week, marked ... Read More
Investment Market Update On A Short Week September 15, 2020 Stocks fell this week during a four day market week. Markets have trended down the last two weeks after having just set new all time highs. Economic data was sparse this week, but CPI numbers and weekly unemployment claims indicated economic health is likely still ... Read More

Long Term Care Planning for Physicians

In many ways, financial planning is a process designed to help investors deal with the inevitable messiness of life: unforeseen illness, sudden career shifts, unexpected windfalls, and all the difficult decisions that come with these changes. As we age, we all become more likely to develop health conditions that affect our independence, mobility, and quality ... Read More
Investment Market Update Markets Sell Off September 9, 2020 Stocks fell this week even as manufacturing data shined. The S&P 500 fell from intraweek all time highs on Wednesday. Economic data was mixed this week, but overall indicative of further economic recovery. Labor conditions and manufacturing were strong this week as the most recent initial ... Read More
Investment Market Update A Second Week of All Time Highs September 1, 2020 Stocks rose this week as durable goods numbers beat expectations, helping propel the S&P 500 to close at fresh all time highs on Friday. Another week of solid economic data helped support stock prices and push up treasury yields. Also helping reassure ... Read More