What Drives Us

We help doctors confidently prepare for their future and avoid financial pitfalls that could cause serious harm to practices and lives.

Our Purpose

Serve doctors with the same dedication they serve patients

Our Mission

To help doctors make confident financial choices every day

Our Vision

Every physician family we serve builds significant wealth to achieve positive change in their community

What We Value

Make Relationships the Priority

• Be advocates for those we serve
• Be personal, not transactional
• Seek first to understand
• Build others up
• Act with integrity

Be a Champion

• Plan wisely, execute flawlessly
• Take ownership and responsibility
• Find a way & be the solution
• Be courageous
• Desire to be the best
• Display urgency
• Win debates with facts, not emotion

Heart to Serve

• Put others first
• Follow The Golden Rule
• Go the extra mile
• Proactively handle or hand off
• Look out for each other

Enjoy the Journey

• Love what you do
• Celebrate successes
• Have fun
• Be positive

Why We Serve Physicians

Doctors invest a lot in their ability to serve us – their patients. We admire their commitment, their hard work, dedication, and the difference they make in their communities.Just as you vow to look out for your patients’ best interest, we vow to look out for yours. Because at the same time you are caring for your patients’ health, you need someone caring for your financial health. You need someone in your corner. Someone you can trust to offer you balanced guidance. That is at the heart of why we do what we do.