Physician Contracts: Make sure you’re earning your fair share. 

Earn your Fair Share

There’s no doubt you want to maximize a fair share of your salary. What if there was someone less qualified than you in the department making more money than you are? You wouldn’t be happy.

We hear stories like this all the time. They usually all have one thing in common: the physician didn’t get their contract reviewed before starting the position. They believed the number on the contract was a final offer and not up for negotiation, so they signed. Instead, a less qualified colleague did a contract review and was able to maximize their salary with an extra $30-$40k/year for the same duties.

Make sure you’re earning your fair share. 

You have one chance to maximize your income during negotiations and you deserve it. Physicians Thrive is an industry leader in contract review, and our legal team specializes in physician contracts. We are able to tell you down to your qualifications, specialty, and location of employment what you should be making and what others currently are!

Request a contract review.

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