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Disability Insurance Terms
Own-occupation, specialty-specific physician disability policies

Physician Disability Insurance

As you start your career, quality disability insurance is the key to keeping your finances secure in the event of accident, injury or medical emergency.

Most standard disability insurance plans will replace a portion of lost income if an individual is deemed to be “totally disabled.” So, the key difference between disability insurance plans is in how they define a total disability. Traditional disability insurance plans require that an individual be unable to work in any capacity to be considered totally disabled.

Physician-specific plans, however, are more liberal in their definition of “total disability”, providing for the possibility that a physician can be considered totally disabled, and therefore, eligible for full benefits, even though he or she can work in an occupation outside of their specialty. However, among all of the disability insurance plans offering this “own occupation” definition of total disability, no two definitions are alike, which is why physicians must thoroughly understand the differences.

Now is the best time to buy disability insurance

You’re in your prime. 
Disability insurance rates are based on your age and health so applying sooner than later can help you save. Each year you wait to apply you will pay between 5-7% more for the same coverage.

Your coverage will move with you.
Most new physicians switch employers multiple times within their first few years of training. With an individual disability insurance policy, you have coverage that remains the same from job to job without any extra work on your end.

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