How to Get a Medical License in Nebraska

Physician standing in front of Nebraska state flag

The State of Nebraska is known for its endless sea of cornfields and breathtaking geological features. Many people don’t realize that Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state in the U.S. It’s also home to more than 4,614 physicians across dozens of specialties. Are you ready to apply for your medical license? If you already meet […]

How to Get Licensed With a Maine Medical Board


Known more casually as the “Pine Tree State,” Maine is the northernmost state on the Eastern seaboard, tucked away along the Canadian border. Maine is home to a 228-mile-long rocky coastline, sprawling blueberry fields, and the always-popular Acadia National Park. It’s no surprise that 4300+ physicians have set up a practice here. Want to work as a […]

IMLC Guide: How to Be a Compact Physician in Multiple States

IMLC Guide

Every state in the U.S. requires that physicians hold a valid license in order to practice medicine. Regardless of specialty, physicians must undergo the medical licensing process before opening their own practice or seeking employment with any type of hospital, clinic, surgical center, or medical practice. Obtaining a medical license usually takes several weeks. It’s […]

USMLE, CBSE NBME, MCCQE, + More: Medical Licensing Exams Explained

Doctors talking around a table

Most physicians agree — taking a medical licensing exam is one of the most stressful parts of their education and training. No matter what medical school you go to, preparing for residency requires that you earn passing scores on several tough exams. During residency, you’ll need to pass even more exams to become a fully licensed […]

How to Get Licensed with the South Carolina Medical Board

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Affectionately dubbed “The Palmetto State” after its state tree, South Carolina has a glowing reputation for its miniature golf courses, bluewater beaches, and historical significance dating back to the Civil War era. If you’re a physician craving coastline weather, family-friendly destinations, and rolling countrysides, South Carolina is the place to be. All it takes is […]

How to Get a Maryland Medical License

Smiling doctor

If you’ve decided to start practicing medicine in Maryland, you’re in good company. The “Free State” is known for its $200K+ average physician salaries, weekend trips to the nation’s capital (Washington D.C.), and — who could forget — blue crabs. Getting licensed in Maryland takes about three months and costs $821, but it’s worth it. […]

How to Get Licensed with the Alabama Medical Board

Doctor talking to young child and mother

After a decade of commitment, passion, and a drive to learn, what better place to launch your blossoming medical career than in Alabama? Known for its Southern hospitality and vacation-worthy Gulf Coast beaches, Alabama is now a de-facto physician hub. Its homegrown doctors enjoy the nation’s sixth-highest wages, the tenth-lowest malpractice liability insurance rates, and […]

How to Get your Wisconsin Medical License

How to get a Wisconsin medical license

Physicians aren’t flocking to the Midwestern states because of their rolling hills, peaceful farmlands, or sprawling prairies (though those certainly are perks). This region proudly touts many of the best states to practice medicine. Wisconsin, home to Milwaukee, ranks #5, with an average $249,490 physician salary, low malpractice suit rates, and top-level quality of life […]