How to Get a Maryland Medical License

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If you’ve decided to start practicing medicine in Maryland, you’re in good company. The “Free State” is known for its $200K+ average physician salaries, weekend trips to the nation’s capital (Washington D.C.), and — who could forget — blue crabs. Getting licensed in Maryland takes about three months and costs $821, but it’s worth it. […]

How to Get Licensed with the Alabama Medical Board

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After a decade of commitment, passion, and a drive to learn, what better place to launch your blossoming medical career than in Alabama? Known for its Southern hospitality and vacation-worthy Gulf Coast beaches, Alabama is now a de-facto physician hub. Its homegrown doctors enjoy the nation’s sixth-highest wages, the tenth-lowest malpractice liability insurance rates, and […]

How to Get your Wisconsin Medical License

How to get a Wisconsin medical license

Physicians aren’t flocking to the Midwestern states because of their rolling hills, peaceful farmlands, or sprawling prairies (though those certainly are perks). This region proudly touts many of the best states to practice medicine. Wisconsin, home to Milwaukee, ranks #5, with an average $249,490 physician salary, low malpractice suit rates, and top-level quality of life […]

How to Get a Medical License in Utah

Get your dophl license in Utah

In the last decade, you’ve converted your passion for helping others into one of the most respectable career paths in the world. So far, you’ve: Completed a pre-med undergraduate program Survived four grueling years of medical school Proven your skills in a two-year progressive residency program Put your USMLE or COMLEX exams in the rearview […]

How to Get Your Medical License

How to Get Your Medical License

Whether you’re an undergraduate pre-med student or med school standout planning the next steps, one thing’s for sure: All roads lead to licensure. However, becoming a licensed physician isn’t a walk in the park. And if it were, everybody would be doing it. By now, you already know that you need to graduate from medical […]

How to Get Licensed with New Mexico’s Medical Board

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For the last 10-14 years, you’ve dedicated your time and energy to medicine. There were all-nighters before exams, endless loans to take out, hundreds of patients to care for, and two degrees you fought tooth and nail for. And now you’re here. You’re finally ready to get your license to practice medicine. If you’re looking […]

10 Best States to Practice Medicine

Best states to practice medicine

Choosing to pursue a career in medicine was the easy part. Deciding where you want to transplant your practice — and possibly your entire family — is a much heavier decision. And to make matters even more complicated: For physicians, no two states are the same. Some states shine bright with an average physician salary […]

How to Get Licensed with the Colorado Medical Board

Colorado medical board licensing

Completing your medical education, exams, and postgraduate training has been both expensive and exhausting. But here’s some good news: Applying for your medical license with the Colorado Medical Board is a relatively straightforward process. That’s because it’s almost entirely digital. Your license to practice medicine is just 60 days away if you’re willing to do […]