How to Get Your Medical License

How to Get Your Medical License

Whether you’re an undergraduate pre-med student or med school standout planning the next steps, one thing’s for sure: All roads lead to licensure. However, becoming a licensed physician isn’t a walk in the park. And if it were, everybody would be doing it. By now, you already know that you need to graduate from medical […]

How to Get Licensed with New Mexico’s Medical Board

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For the last 10-14 years, you’ve dedicated your time and energy to medicine. There were all-nighters before exams, endless loans to take out, hundreds of patients to care for, and two degrees you fought tooth and nail for. And now you’re here. You’re finally ready to get your license to practice medicine. If you’re looking […]

10 Best States to Practice Medicine

Best states to practice medicine

Choosing to pursue a career in medicine was the easy part. Deciding where you want to transplant your practice — and possibly your entire family — is a much heavier decision. And to make matters even more complicated: For physicians, no two states are the same. Some states shine bright with an average physician salary […]

How to Get Licensed with the Colorado Medical Board

Colorado medical board licensing

Completing your medical education, exams, and postgraduate training has been both expensive and exhausting. But here’s some good news: Applying for your medical license with the Colorado Medical Board is a relatively straightforward process. That’s because it’s almost entirely digital. Your license to practice medicine is just 60 days away if you’re willing to do […]

How to Get Licensed with the Indiana Medical Board

Indiana medical board

Congratulations on graduating from medical school, acing your licensing exams, and dedicating long hours to postgraduate training. You’re so close to getting your Indiana medical license! Now, only three things are standing between you and becoming a healthcare provider: Gathering proof of eligibility. Filling out the application. And 72 hours. That’s right! Assuming you follow […]

Steps to Get Licensed with the North Carolina Medical Board

North Carolina Medical Board

You’ve dedicated your entire life to the practice of medicine. There were countless exams, exhausting training schedules, and times the process seemed endless. Now there’s only one thing standing between you and being a physician: Getting licensed. North Carolina makes getting your medical license simple. They provide clearly laid-out checklists and an easy-to-use online portal. […]

Steps to Get Licensed with the Oregon Medical Board

Oregon medical board

Based on everything you’ve poured into your medical education and training thus far, you’re likely expecting a few more hurdles to clear. Your last hurdle is no less significant than the rest: The application process to get your medical license. If you’re looking to earn your license to practice in Oregon, you’ve got a long […]

Steps to Get Licensed with the Arkansas Medical Board

How to Get Licensed With the Arizona Medical Board

Over the last decade, you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your medical school coursework and seemingly endless residency. Now it’s time to fill out your application and submit it to the Arkansas Medical Board. The license application itself is relatively straightforward and easy to complete. But gathering up the appropriate documents and forwarding to […]