High Salary Specialities: Urologist Salary

Urology salary

There is a common concern about the number of urologists retiring and the need to fill those positions. According to a census from 2015, one quarter of all practicing urologists will retire in five years. This might cause some distress for hospitals and healthcare practices in need of urologists. However, this is good news for new urologists. […]

Where Do Trauma Surgeons Make the Most Money?

Where do trauma surgeons make the most money?

The job title of a trauma surgeon often comes with an idea of intense stress and long work hours. Yes, a trauma surgeon’s job is critical, but that doesn’t make a trauma surgeon unable to manage their work-life for their benefit. Since trauma surgeons have such a high-paced and demanding work schedule, ensuring that they […]

High Salary Specialties: Plastic Surgeon Salary

Plastic surgeon salary

If there’s one thing that all physicians have in common, it’s that they want to make sure they earn fair compensation for the difficult work they do. And in high-paying specialties, such as plastic surgery, the salaries can range dramatically depending on who you serve, where you practice, and in what subspecialty you work. Of […]

Where Do Pediatric Surgeons Make the Most Money?

Where do pediatric surgeons make the most money?

All physicians, regardless of their specialty, want to be confident of one thing: they’re being paid fairly compared to other physicians with the same education and experience level. And while every medical specialty pays differently, one factor that significantly affects your salary is where you work. Like all physicians, a pediatric surgeon’s salary fluctuates considerably […]

Inflation Tax: What You Need to Know

Inflation tax

You don’t have to be an economist or have studied macroeconomics in college to know that inflation is a dirty word. With inflation comes the higher costs of products and services, while at the same time, the value of our money lessens. From 1990 to 2018, the average inflation rate in the United States was […]

What Physicians Should Know About Mortgage Disability Insurance

What physicians should know about mortgage disability insurance

It’s easy to understand the value of having homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and term life insurance. These standard insurance policies are affordable, easy to get, and clear cut regarding what they cover and why you need them. But there are countless other insurance products on the market that aren’t so easy to understand. One of […]

How to Get Licensed with the Indiana Medical Board

Indiana medical board

Congratulations on graduating from medical school, acing your licensing exams, and dedicating long hours to postgraduate training. You’re so close to getting your Indiana medical license! Now, only three things are standing between you and becoming a healthcare provider: Gathering proof of eligibility. Filling out the application. And 72 hours. That’s right! Assuming you follow […]

flipMD connects physicians with unique consulting opportunities

Contract specialist should review your LOI

flipMD connects physicians with unique consulting opportunities Dr. Greg Hanson is making it easier than ever for physicians to find their next side job.  This summer, Dr. Hanson and his wife Lauren Hanson co-founded flipMD, an innovative online platform that allows doctors from all over the country to connect remotely with businesses in need of […]