Emergency Medicine Salary Data For 2024 [Analyzed]

Many medical specialties are stressful, but none quite as much as emergency medicine.

That’s why physicians working in this specialty earn one of the highest average hourly rates in the medical field.

That said, there are some strategic actions that an emergency medicine doctor can take to ensure that they are receiving the best possible compensation package.

In this article, we’ll discuss the factors that can affect an emergency medicine salary and what you can do to increase your earning potential.

We’ll also talk about some vital steps you can take to protect your wealth and save for retirement.

Key Takeaways

  • Emergency medicine physicians have one of the highest hourly rates in medicine.
  • The average salary is around $352,000 annually, with an average bonus of $37,000.
  • New York has some of the highest wages for EM doctors, with around $372,627 per year. The lowest average is in West Virginia, with $263,559 per year.
  • Only 51% of emergency physicians feel fairly compensated.
  • Private practice pays 8.8% more overall.

Average Emergency Medicine Physician Salaries

Medscape’s past-year Physician Compensation Report shows the average salary for emergency physicians to be $352,000 per year.

This report also lists that emergency physicians earn an average incentive bonus of $37,000 per year.

A couple of other sources showed similar numbers:

ZipRecruiter shows the average emergency medicine doctor earning  $324,866 per year.

Those who earn in the 75th percentile can earn $400,000 or more.

Salary.com listed the national average salary for emergency medicine physicians as higher, at $371,500 per year.

States With the Highest and Lowest Emergency Medicine Salaries

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Top 10 States with the Highest Emergency Medicine Salaries

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Hourly Wage
New York $372,627 $31,052 $179.15
Vermont $366,560 $30,546 $176.23
Maine $350,951 $29,245 $168.73
Pennsylvania $341,259 $28,438 $164.07
Washington $339,201 $28,266 $163.08
Massachusetts $334,134 $27,844 $160.64
New Hampshire $333,076 $27,756 $160.13
New Jersey $332,698 $27,724 $159.95
Alaska $332,256 $27,688 $159.74
Oregon $328,676 $27,389 $158.02

States with the Lowest Emergency Medicine Salaries

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Hourly Wage
Kentucky $265,157 $22,096 $5,099.00
Michigan $264,954 $22,079 $5,095.00
West Virginia $263,559 $21,963 $5,068.00
Arkansas $251,857 $20,988 $4,843.00
Florida $251,053 $20,921 $4,827.00

Source: ZipRecruiter

Factors That Affect an Emergency Medicine Salary

Only 51% of emergency medicine physicians interviewed by Medscape feel fairly compensated.

Let’s discuss some ways that doctors working full-time in emergency care can improve their earning potential.

Years of Experience

Emergency medicine physicians will earn more money as they accumulate years of experience, but the exact amount depends on the type of practice in which the doctor works.

According to Payscale, the average income for an entry-level emergency physician is $243,273 per year.

The average base salary for a mid-career physician is $291,062 per year.

An experienced emergency medicine physician can earn $284,065, and one later in their career can expect to earn $323,399 per year.


In any profession, salary ranges are at least partially determined by the cost of living and demand in the area.

In some states, emergency medicine physician jobs pay higher than the national average due to a high demand or high cost of living.

Emergency Medicine is a top specialty in Florida. Read our Guide to Practicing Medicine in Florida.

Top-Paying States

When determining where to practice for the best income, physicians need to know what the job market looks like across the country.

ACEP Now completed an emergency medicine physician compensation report, which used surveys and job opening listings to determine how much money emergency physicians make around the country.

The report says that physicians working in the southeastern region of the United States (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN) earn the highest salaries on average.

But overall, the three highest-paying states are Texas, Arizona, and California.

Top-Paying Cities

The highest-paying cities for this job title include Fort Wayne, IN, Austin, TX, and Dallas, TX.

Payscale’s compensation data shows Atlanta and New York City as the worst places to be an emergency physician (at least in terms of salary).

Their data shows that specialists in NYC earn 6.2% less than the national average, while their Atlanta counterparts earn 19.5% less.

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Type of Practice

There are several different types of practice that employ emergency medicine physicians, which offer varying potential salaries.

Private Practice

According to Medscape’s 2023 Physician Compensation Report, physicians earn 8.8% more overall when they are self-employed or run a private practice.

It may be difficult to imagine how an emergency medicine doctor would own a private emergency room.

Although it is possible to have part ownership of an ER, this is hard to obtain.

Urgent care settings are the most popular choice of private practice for this specialty.

Hospital Practice

Hospital ERs have the highest demand for emergency physicians. According to Qualifacts, a high income in this setting is almost guaranteed.

However, while the initial financial compensation may seem stellar, hospitals can — and do — change their production-based formulas.

The security of an offer upon employment is something that should be legally and firmly agreed upon.

Not sure about a contract offer you received? Our contract review specialists make sure you’re getting (and continue to get) the salary you deserve.

Academic Practice

Academic hospitals offer emergency physicians access to state-of-the-art technology and enough time to focus on their studies.

According to EMRA, emergency physicians working at an American college earn less than those working in other settings.

However, you do get a more stable job, and this is the right path for you if you have a passion for education.

Final Thoughts

Emergency medicine has its drawbacks.

The hours most physicians in this specialty work don’t align with regular working hours, and working with difficult patients is particularly stressful.

That’s why you deserve a generous salary, income protection, and a secure financial future for yourself and your family.

Effective financial planning can reduce your tax burden and save you thousands.

Tools such as HSA savings accounts and 529 plans can help you save for important life events while lowering your tax liability.

The tax code is complicated and changes every year.

As a busy physician, keeping up with all the ins and outs of your tax preparation can be a daunting task.

Our team of financial advisors can help you find the best ways to save on your taxes.

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We’ve negotiated over $2.4 billion in compensation, and we want you to earn the money you deserve.

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