What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance provides financial protection if a policyholder becomes unable to work due to a disability (injury or sickness). If you’re unable to work, disability insurance pays a portion of your income to insulate you from financial hardship. Essentially, DI is income insurance that provides a safety net in the instance you can no longer ... Read More

Read Your Insurance Claim or Get Stung!

So what actually happens when doctors file a long-term disability insurance claim? Does the process go as expected or do they find themselves in for a rude awakening? Really, it all depends on what type of insurance policy is in place. Just as with many other contracts that doctors sign. Without reviewing the fine print, ... Read More
A Career Lost, But Not a Way of Life

A Career Lost, But Not a Way of Life

At 45, attorney Peter Zatir attributed the fatigue he was feeling to middle age. Add to that a busy law practice and five active kids—the youngest just a year old—and it’s easy to see how he could have written off the early signs of a serious illness. When he finally visited his doctor, the diagnosis ... Read More