How to Write a Medical School Letter of Intent

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The medical school admissions process is a complicated one. As a pre-med student, you know that narrowing down your choices and submitting your applications are just small parts of that process. You’ll also need to earn an impressive MCAT score, finish your senior year with a strong GPA, and ace your interview (if you get one). […]

A Physician’s Guide to Building an Emergency Fund

A Physician's Guide to Building an Emergency Fund

A Physician’s Guide to Building an Emergency Fund While a career in medicine is often financially rewarding, it also often comes with significant debt from student loans. Students in the process of becoming physicians must make substantial investments in their own education, but this should not come at the expense of saving for essentials and […]

7 Alternative Jobs for Physicians

Alternative Jobs for Physicians

7 Alternative Jobs for Physicians Looking For a Change Are you burnt out from years of working long hours? Do you want to step away from clinical practice? You’re not alone. Many doctors suffer from burnout. After all, practicing medicine is demanding work. It certainly doesn’t have the best work-life balance of any career out […]

Your Full Guide to On-call Pay for Physicians

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It’s common for doctors to work long hours, but the end of a shift doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the workday. Many physicians have to be on-call at times — and that means being available to work even if you have the day or night off. While being on-call certainly has its drawbacks, it […]

Full Guide to Applying to Residency Programs in the US

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No matter where you go to med school or what specialty you plan to practice in, there’s one thing that every physician-to-be has to do: Complete a residency program. But first, you’ll need to: Go through the lengthy residency application process Endure the interview process with a variety of different residency programs Make a match […]

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV Traditionally professions in healthcare have been considered safe career choices—even during a recession. Yet the recent pandemic has relentlessly targeted this field. As a result of patients putting off elective procedures or delaying necessary routine checkups to reduce possible exposure to the coronavirus, there has been […]

How to Master the Process of Applying to Residency

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How to Master the Process of Applying to Residency Dr. David Flick | Welcome to your one-stop-shop for planning your residency application. Whether you’re wrapping up your third year, taking an extra year for research, or just trying to get ahead, many of you are asking questions like: When do I apply to residency? […]

Full Guide to Physicians Malpractice Insurance

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As a medical professional, it is essential to protect yourself with medical malpractice insurance. A requirement in some states, malpractice insurance is one of those expenses that physicians dread, yet cannot avoid. Even if the state in which you hold a license to practice medicine does not require it, there is a good chance the […]