Where Will Physicians Thrive Be?

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Here’s just a small snippet of where we’ve been. We would love to come see you, too!
University of Maryland – Ophthalmology (Baltimore, MD)
Howard University – Ob/Gyn (Washington, DC)
Howard University – Ophthalmology (Washington, DC)
Georgetown University – Anesthesiology (Washington, DC)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Radiology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Neurology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Ophthalmology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – OB/Gyn (Jackson, MS)
University of Chicago – Gastroenterology Peds (Chicago, IL)
Kaiser Permanente – Family Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Roger Williams Med Center – Internal Medicine (Providence, RI)
Brown University – Cardiology (Providence, RI)
St Elizabeth’s – Psychiatry (Boston, MA)
Allegheny General – Cardiology (Pittsburgh, PA)
Allegheny General – Emergency Medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Indiana – Radiology/Oncology Peds (Indianapolis, IN)
University of Connecticut – Internal Medicine (Farmington, CT)
Allegheny General – Neurosurgery (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Missouri – Anesthesiology (Columbia, MO)
St Luke’s Medical Center – Radiology/Oncology (Denver, CO)
Duke University – Dermatology (Durham, NC)
Children’s Mercy Hospital – Pediatrics (Kansas City, MO)
Allegheny General – Neurology (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Utah – Ophthalmology (Salt Lake City, UT)

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