The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 005- You’re Paying Too Much In Taxes

Well, we are about to wrap up 2015. That means it’s about time to dive in to your taxes. Some of us look forward to that refund from the IRS and already have that check spent. That also means we are paying too much on our taxes.

Nick Schneider is back on The Doctor’s Life Podcast with a few tips on how to avoid paying too much on your taxes and some easy ways to get Uncle Sam out of your pocket.

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Know your W4

Are you paying too much in taxes? Will you have to pay come next April?

Most people do not know how to fill out their w4.

Problem- This leads to an interest free loan you have given the government for 12 months

Solution- Work with a tax professional to give a tax estimate, compare to your current paystub

  • Example 300k income 25k monthly 6k a month in federal taxes
  • This will allow you to confidently spend your budget the way that you need to!

Listen to Nick Schneider explain these points and more on the podcast!

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