The Doctor’s Life Podcast Announcement

It has been a busy week around the Physicians Thrive office this week. 
It’s something we’ve wanted to keep as a secret for a while.

We’ve successfully kept it under wraps from everyone.

We have a podcast coming!

We are excited to announce The Doctor’s Life Podcast. The Doctor’s Life Podcast delves in to the lifestyle of physicians. Taking a look at topics such as the current job outlook and gaining a new job (plus moving a family) , dealing with contract reviews and mounds of student debt, negotiating with a new or current employer, and making your way in the financial world with a growing salary, The Doctor’s Life Podcast covers everything going through a physician’s mind. Regardless of the point in a physician’s career, The Doctor’s Life Podcast will help physicians take control of their lifestyle.

The best part of the podcast? It is relatable for every physician, doctor, or surgeon regardless of the current point in your career.

In an industry that requires you to work 60-80 hours a week, The Doctor’s Life Podcast will typically be 7-10 minutes in length. Perfect for a quick break between appointments or on the way to another building on campus.

The Doctor’s Life Podcast will be available for download from iTunes, SoundCloud, and Podcast Addict, and will be available on all mobile devices. The first episode will be available next week!

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UPDATE: Go to the first podcast episode!


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