Financial Digest: How Much Do GI Doctors Earn in 2024?

GI doctors, or gastroenterologists, are among the highest-paid specialists in the U.S.

The average gastroenterologist salary, according to ZipRecruiter’s June 6, 2024 update, is $379,519 per year.

These doctors specialize in the management of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, which encompasses the entire digestive system.

Stick around to learn more about how the salaries of these doctors vary across cities and states, what kind of bonuses they enjoy, and whether there is a pay gap between male and female GIs.

Key Takeaways

  • GIs are among the highest-paid specialists in the medical community, with salaries ranging from $236,000 to $512,000 on average.
  • The pay gap still remains. Male specialists earned as much as 31% more than their female counterparts in 2021—a statistic that hasn’t changed significantly since.
  • The best states to work as a GI include California, Washington, and Alaska. The New England region is also promising.
  • The average GI incentive bonus is $74,000. Signup bonuses can reach up to $100,000, depending on your employer.
  • PhysiciansThrive offers a comprehensive suite of resources for physicians, including GIs, seeking to optimize their financial health.

How Much Do GI Doctors Make?

ZipRecruiter reports that the gastroenterology salary stands at $379,519 a year, or about $186 per hour, as of June 6, 2024.

The top earners in this field can take home up to $400,000 annually.

The lower end of GI salary typically ranges between $236,000 and $262,999, with figures below this threshold being rare occasions that represent only 1% of jobs.

This report is further substantiated by MedScape’s 2024 Compensation Report, which shows that GI doctors are among the highest-paid medical specialists, ranking fifth in terms of earnings with an average annual compensation of $512,000.

Yet, Medscape pointed out a different issue in its 2024 GI Compensation Report: they are among the medical specialist who are the least happy with their pay, with only 44% of them feeling well-compensated for their work.

ZipRecruiter affirms that there is little variation in GI doctor salaries across different cities or states.

Geographical location is not a major influence on the potential for higher earnings or career advancements, and gastroenterologists should prioritize the cost of living relative to their current salary.

GI Doctors Salary by City

According to ZipRecruiter, the ten top-paying cities for gastroenterologists are all located in California or Washington.

# City Annual Salary Monthly Salary Hourly Wage
1 San Francisco, California $468,876 $39,073 $225.42
2 Fairfax, California $456,362 $38,030 $219.40
3 Fremont, Washington $454,342 $37,861 $218.43
4 San Jose, California $453,373 $37,781 $217.97
5 Oakland, California $443,657 $36,971 $213.30
6 Hayward, California $442,900 $36,908 $212.93
7 Ashland, California $442,857 $36,904 $212.91
8 Vallejo, California $442,439 $36,869 $212.71
9 Antioch, California $441,594 $36,799 $212.31
10 Seattle, Washington $440,218 $36,684 $211.64

However, the variation between them is inconsequential, with the difference between the top 1st and top 10th being $28,658.

It might only be worth considering if you plan on moving from California to Washington, where such a small increase would be offset by the decrease in the cost of living.

Zippia’s report is different, placing Anchorage, Alaska, at the top with an annual salary of $412,961 and citing other states, such as New Mexico, Indiana, and Minnesota.

However, since Zippia’s report is derived from the published salaries of available jobs, it’s a better metric when comparing individual job opportunities.

Is There a Gender Pay Gap between GI Doctors?

Unfortunately, a gender pay gap is present among gastroenterologists.

A report by researchers from the University of Virginia Healthcare System showed that in 2019, male GIs billing to Medicare received an average of $94,416.28 a year in payments, while female GIs received only $56,014.14.

In addition, Medscape’s 2022 Gastroenterologist Compensation Report showed that, even though incomes have increased for GIs, the pay gaps remained, with male specialists earning 31% more than their female counterparts in 2021.

Working as a GI Doctor: Bonuses and Financial Well-Being

Like any other specialty, GI doctors get to enjoy a range of benefits, from signing up and incentive bonuses to loan repayment assistance.


Mesdscape’s 2022 report revealed that the average incentive bonus for gastroenterologists is $74,000, rewarded based on specific performance metrics such as productivity and patient satisfaction.

This sum stands among the top five highest incentives among fellowships.

Signing bonuses are received upon being hired by a healthcare facility, and can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

Loan Repayment

Most medical school graduates incur a significant debt, usually exceeding $200,000.

This is why certain employers offer assistance as part of a benefits package or through federal initiatives such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).

Achieve Financial Well-Being with PhysiciansThrive as a GI Doctor

Besides annual salaries that typically begin above $200,000 and reach up to $512,000, GIs get to enjoy substantial bonuses, incentives, and assistance programs that offset their location’s cost of living and the existing pay gaps.

Despite the excellent salary you might earn as a GI doctor, it’s necessary to remain vigilant and plan your finances with foresight.

There are many approaches you can take to achieve financial well-being, including managing your money and protecting it.

At PhysiciansThrive, we provide resources and expert advice to ensure your finances are as robust as your patients’ health.

Contact us today to learn how to take charge of your finances!

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