How to Get Your License from the Wyoming Medical Board

You’ve spent the last decade learning the practice of medicine, taken and passed your MCATs, and need a place to begin your career. Of course, you can stay where you are or go somewhere that gives you time to practice medicine and have an active life.

Once you have finished medical school, the world is your oyster, and you can go wherever you wish. However, choosing a state with a lower cost of living and better quality of life can be a significant trade-off over a vast city and blaring horns. If you’re here, you’re likely considering getting your medical license from the Wyoming Board of Medicine and we’re happy to provide you with information to make that decision.

What makes Wyoming a great place to Practice Medicine?

According to Indeed, Wyoming’s average physician pay is 17% above the national average at approximately $208,500 annually.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, consider this – Wyoming is beautiful and one of the most affordable states to live in the nation! You can find the average salaries of physicians nationwide here if you want to compare.

According to the US Census Bureau, the population of Wyoming is a modest 581,381 statewide, which is fewer residents than many large cities. This diminutive population is spread between about 20 of the state’s larger cities and almost 80 locations of the smaller communities that give Wyoming a quaint, homey feel.

The Cities of Wyoming

A state of few cities, Wyoming boasts 99 different cities, but only 19 are large enough for a hospital, a motel, and modern city amenities. Although quaint, the smaller bergs may have a clinic or local, but the hospitals are in the state’s more populated areas.

So, you have choices when considering Wyoming as the place to start your medical career. Will it be Casper, Cheyenne, Jackson, Laramie, Evanston, Sheridan, or Newcastle? Every city has a different flavor. However, every Wyoming city still has the small-town feel that smaller locations hold onto.

Each of these towns is worth visiting as they all have something unique to offer their residents. So, looking across the state before deciding where to work would be advisable.

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Doctors per patient in Wyoming

There are approximately 180 doctors per 100,000 patients in Wyoming. This low ratio allows physicians to provide better patient care than larger areas. However, the lightly populated state needs doctors to fill the many empty positions.

A medical license from the Wyoming Medical Board will get you started on a rewarding career. The low competition will mean full waiting rooms and many patients who need your healing touch.

Follow the steps listed below to apply for your license to practice Medicine in Wyoming, and you will be on your way to new horizons.

Are there perks for Physicians who choose to practice in Wyoming?

One of the most notable perks for those practicing Medicine in Wyoming is the 2022 decision by their legislature to make it acceptable for a Physician’s assistant to practice Medicine without a direct relationship to a doctor.

Allowing PAs this freedom has enabled better patient healthcare access, especially in areas like Wyoming, where doctors are hard to recruit.

Medical License Requirements for Wyoming

You must compile and complete many documents to apply for a medical license in Wyoming.

Nothing will proceed until every form is filled out and the document received. Then, the documents must be verified before the applicant accepts an application.

License Requirements for Wyoming Physicians

  • Medical School Transcripts
  • Medical School Form
  • References from three physicians
  • Past and present State Medical Licenses
  • All-State and National Examination scores
  • DEA Registration
  • NPDB-HIPDB Report (the National Practitioner Data Bank)
  • ECFMG Certification (required of all IMG applicants)

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What are the State Residency Requirements for Wyoming?

The following requirements are necessary before considering applying for a medical license in Wyoming. If you fail to meet any of the following criteria, you may be ineligible for a Wyoming Medical Board license until you can fully meet the standards for medical licensure.

Requirements for Training Exams

  • Examinations 75+ score
  • Seven total attempts for all steps combined
  • 7-year limit for USMLE
  • 1-year PGY for USA graduates
  • 1-year PGY for Non-USA graduates
  • A State exam is accepted if pre-1975
  • No Special purpose exam (SPEX) is required for licensure in Wyoming.

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What type of Medical License can I get from the Wyoming Medical Board?

Although the Wyoming Medical Board does not require a different application for Doctors of Medicine versus Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, they offer a physician’s assistant license (PA).

These positions are applied for through the same agency as a medical license, but the process differs slightly from an MD or DO, and your documents are not required to be processed through FCVS.

Submitting an application and documents for a Wyoming Medical License

The Wyoming Medical Board of Medicine is where you begin your journey to acquire a Wyoming Medical License. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) tools help applicants compile their information in one place. It lets you complete the necessary application forms and your personal and school information.

Medical licensure in Wyoming uses two verification methods to handle and store your documents. These are the Uniform Application (UA) and the Credentials Verification Service (FCVS).

These two systems take some of the work from applying for your medical license. These systems will help you compile all necessary documents in one place, along with your application and work history.

Once your documents are all in one place and verified for correctness, you can apply for a license using the Uniform Application (UA). Unlike the FCVS, the UA is not time-sensitive. So, once you have all your documents loaded into FCVS, you can continue with the application.

Having your documents in one place, electronically, will allow entities like the Wyoming Medical Board to access your information. If you relocate, the data will also be available in other states using this system.

The general process is as follows:

  1. Complete a FCVS application for credentials verification, and designate the Wyoming Medical Board to receive your FCVS profile electronically.
  2. Submit the UA with payment of applicable fees to the FSMB
  3. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $600 by credit card on the website for the Wyoming Medical Board. After completing the UA, you will automatically be redirected to the Board’s payment page.
  4. Complete and mail all forms in this packet as instructed.
  5. Have 3 physician colleagues complete references on your behalf via DocuSign. See page 5 of these instructions for requirements regarding physician references and the DocuSign link to send to them.

Note: Yu must send all information to FCVS before submitting your Uniform Application. This measure will help you meet the necessary deadlines.

What are the total costs to acquire your medical license in Wyoming?

The application fee for a Wyoming Medical License is $600 plus $375 to join FCVS, which is required in Wyoming. These two fees are the total cost of your license; however, other fees may apply.

Your fee must be paid upon application with a check, money order, or credit card. It is non-refundable, and you must renew your license annually and participate in continuing education to maintain your medical appointment.

Other Wyoming medical license fees worth mentioning:

  • Paper form license application processing fee – $50
  • Annual license renewal – $240
  • Paper form renewal application processing fee – $25
  • License reactivation fee – $400
  • License reinstatement – $400
  • Volunteer License – $75

How long does approval take to apply for a physician’s License in Wyoming?

This is where the process can get confusing. The Board of Medicine approves applicants for medical licenses in Wyoming. However, they only meet every three months.

So, there is the possibility that your position may be of temporary status until the board makes its final decision. The good news, though, is that you will get an initial reply within two to three days and can track the progress of your application online once you have confirmation of acceptance.

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Do you need help with your Wyoming Medical application?

There is a lot here to digest, isn’t there? Once you jump through the hoops required for your first position as a licensed physician, the next time will be easier.

Getting all the documents together the first time to submit can be overwhelming. However, systems like FCVS can streamline the process, but you must submit the proper forms and information. Because they will be verified, and if anything is amiss, you may be required to wait before being able to apply to be a doctor.

Submitting an Application and Documents for a Physicians Assistants License

Wyoming Physician’s Assistant license applicants can apply online through the Wyoming  Board of Medicine.


The following items must be printed:

  • Physician Assistant Affidavit notarized with a picture that has been taken in the last three months
  • Citizenship and Alien Status Declaration Form.
  • Verification of your NCCPA certification.
  • Physician Assistant Education Verification Form
  • Three reference questionnaires. Two must be from an MD or DO, and one must be from an MD, DO, or PA.
  • Application Fee of $200
  • Application form(s) from a supervising Physician or Physician assistant if you have never been NCCPA certified.
  • Three copies of each of the Physician Assistant Reference Questionnaire Instructions and forms.

This list of detailed instructions will help you navigate the process.

Although Physician Assistants do not earn as much annually as MDs and DOs, you still have the potential for attractive earnings throughout your career. A PA in Wyoming can earn upwards of $150,000 annually once established. With those types of earnings, you, too, need financial advice to make your earnings work for you.

Wyoming – a great place to begin your Medical Career

A land of great beauty, mountains, and open vistas, the unspoiled lands of Wyoming are home to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Tetons. The sunrises are as magnificent as the sunsets in Wyoming, and cowboys still walk the streets of towns large and small.

Outdoor adventures include day trips to the scenic spots Wyoming offers. These include kayaking the pristine lakes and rivers of the states. Riding your bike for miles and not seeing a soul. Or skiing down a snow-covered mountain on a cold winter’s day or across a crystal-clear lake in the summer months of the year.

Wyoming may not have the glitz and glitter of other states, but it has an undisturbed beauty that not many other locations equal. See the sites if you are considering Wyoming for your next career move. While it may have a sparse population, it’s far from being a small state. Federal and State parks preserve much of the state’s natural beauty, keeping it pristine for local visitors and residents who choose to reside there.

There are many different locations you can make your home in Wyoming. Take your time and find the one that is right for you.

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Obtaining licensure can be a complex process, and navigating the necessary information for a successful license acquisition can be quite challenging. Fortunately, resources like this guide simplify the essential details and offer an overview of the requirements  aim to be licensed in Wyoming.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the states where you intend to practice, as relocating and obtaining a license can be a time-consuming endeavor. If you’re still deciding where to establish your practice, you can refer to our guide highlighting the Top 10 Places to Live and Work. Additionally, consulting our Annual Physician Compensation Report can aid in making an informed decision.

Explore our Medical Licensing Library to learn how to obtain licenses from other state boards.

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