The Doctor’s Life Podcast 045- It’s Not Your Daddy’s Financial Planning

The Game Has Changed With New Financial Planning Technology

When you think of financial planning, you may think of endless paperwork and hand cramps just to get started. That has all changed. You could say that it’s not your dad’s financial plan any longer.
Nick Schneider is back on The Doctor’s Life Podcast to talk about technology in the financial planning world, and how it has made it easier for all involved. All episodes of The Doctor’s Life Podcast are available on iTunes, and Android. Make sure to subscribe and you will be the first to get new episodes of The Doctor’s Life Podcast.
We again find that the 2 reasons physicians do not engage in a planning process is Time and Trust. Fortunately technology allows us to answer the question of time. No longer do you have to spend hours planning and months waiting for your accounts to get set up. Completing your planning can be more efficient than you thought possible. Most clients can set up and start funding their accounts within hours if they would like! Let’s talk about the 2 major advantages of using technology in your planning.
Account Set up:
1. Almost all applications and account creation can be done in minutes with the click of a mouse.
2. No more cumbersome paperwork and long meetings to establish
3. This can be done during the work day with just a few minutes of free time.
Account Management and Transparency:
1. Technology also allows us to manage your account much more proactively.
2. It provides a tremendous amount of transparency and control over fees and account management.
3. It allows you to ask good questions and you no longer feel like you are in the dark.

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