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Physicians Thrive can review your compensation to help you discern if you are being paid fairly for your specialty, region, and experience.

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Our team of fiduciary advisors is here to help you determine what the next steps are after receiving your compensation review and answer all of your questions.

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In addition to your salary our team will provide you with information about signing bonuses, relocation bonuses, paid time off, CME hours, medical loan repayment, and more.

Our advisors can review your current salary and will be here for you if you’re ready to negotiate for a better income and benefits.

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Why do I need a compensation review?

In the world of physician compensation, it can be difficult to know where you stack up against physicians in the same specialty. Physicians Thrive compensation review service provides you with data collected from the top sources that include compensation, paid time off, bonuses, and more for physicians in your area of expertise.

- Brendan Calhoun

Very friendly, professional and comprehensive contract review. Well worth it for peace of mind.

- Jillian Halper

The Physicians Thrive team was phenomenal - organized, professional, personable, and able to answer all of my questions!

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Whether you’re thinking about practicing in a new state or wondering if your signing bonus is on par with what it should be, know the facts to protect yourself and your annual earnings.

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