Residency Salary Compensation Guide for New Physicians

Medical residents posing together

Once Match Day and med school graduation are behind you, the idea starts to sink in: You’re about to become a physician. For most medical school graduates, this is an exciting time in life. It’s your first chance to work full-time in a hospital. It’s your first real opportunity to understand what hands-on patient care […]

How Much Can You Make in Neurology?

Neurologist salary

Although most neurologists would agree that they aren’t in it for the money, most would also agree that they are willing to take steps to ensure that they earn a fair salary. The business of medicine is difficult to navigate at times, with so many different factors weighing in. And neurologists don’t typically take business […]

Oral Surgeon Salaries: MD vs DDS MD vs OMFS

Oral surgeon salaries

There is a big debate in the oral surgeon industry regarding the value of the extra education that some choose to pursue. They call it “the million-dollar decision.” According to this idea, the extra two years of school that an oral surgeon needs for a medical degree will end up costing them. To the tune […]

Compensation: Comparing the Top Reports of 2020

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Compensation: Comparing the Top Reports of 2020 As we approach the end of the year, millions of healthcare professionals are reflecting on their financial year. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted virtually every aspect of social and economic life in the United States, so it is an especially important time to think about how best to […]

Where Do Trauma Surgeons Make the Most Money?

Where do trauma surgeons make the most money?

The job title of a trauma surgeon often comes with an idea of intense stress and long work hours. Yes, a trauma surgeon’s job is critical, but that doesn’t make a trauma surgeon unable to manage their work-life for their benefit. Since trauma surgeons have such a high-paced and demanding work schedule, ensuring that they […]

High Salary Specialties: Plastic Surgeon Salary

Plastic surgeon salary

If there’s one thing that all physicians have in common, it’s that they want to make sure they earn fair compensation for the difficult work they do. And in high-paying specialties, such as plastic surgery, the salaries can range dramatically depending on who you serve, where you practice, and in what subspecialty you work. Of […]

How to Get a Higher Internal Medicine Salary

Get a Higher Internal Medicine Salary

Internal medicine physicians may be considered the generalists of medicine, but they are anything but. Also known as internists, they have a broad range of knowledge and specialties. Their extensive medical knowledge often makes them sought out by their peers for answers to puzzling healthcare problems. David Gremillion, MD, FACP, a Special Advisor to the […]

High Salary Specialties: Cardiologist Salary

Cardiologist salaries

The heart is a very complex and essential organ in the body. As a cardiologist, your role in keeping that organ functioning properly earns you one of the highest salaries in the medical field. Within the cardiology specialty, there is a wide range in the amount of money physicians can make. Most of this is […]