Your Comprehensive Review of the ADP 401k

ADP 401k review

As a physician operating a small practice, it’s important to provide your employees with the benefits they deserve. One of the most desirable benefits is a sound retirement plan. The ADP 401k plan is a well-known option, in part because it’s one of the largest providers offered by a national leader in payroll and retirement […]

The Doctor Loan: A Complete Guide to Physician Mortgages

Doctor Loans

Almost everyone dreams of owning their home. And as a physician, it’s likely you share that dream. After all, you deserve it for spending years in medical school and training programs. Yet, it seems like everyone you know who’s not a doctor is further ahead in life and already buying their first home. When you’re […]

7 Alternative Jobs for Physicians

Alternative Jobs for Physicians

Are you burnt out from years of working long hours? Do you want to step away from clinical practice? You’re not alone. Many doctors suffer from burnout. After all, practicing medicine is demanding work. It certainly doesn’t have the best work-life balance of any career out there. A lot of physicians come to a point […]

The Physician’s Guide to Backdoor Roth IRAs

backdoor roth ira 1024x886

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. As a physician, you endure more years of school and training than folks in almost any other profession. That means that by the time you start working, you’re already behind in terms of retirement savings. So how do you catch up? What’s the best way to […]

The Pros and Cons of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Disadvantages of Paying Your Mortgage Early

Most people dream about the day they finally pay off their mortgage. After years and years of monthly payments, it feels pretty good to sign that last check. So, you’d think that paying off your mortgage early would make sense, right? If you’re a physician with a hefty monthly salary, wouldn’t you want to pay […]

Retirement Plan Options

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Options for Retirement Plans Our constant approach to serving physicians is education. In light of this approach, Physicians Thrive wanted to share some information regarding all the options for managing retirement plans from former employers. Keep in the old 401k or Rollover into your new employer’s plan Each 401k provider has a “menu of investments” […]

10 Benefits of a Roth IRA

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10 Benefits of a Roth IRA Why do so many people choose them over traditional IRAs? The IRA that changed the whole retirement savings perspective. Since the Roth IRA was introduced, it has become a fixture in many retirement planning strategies. The key argument for going Roth can be summed up in a sentence: Paying […]

Pros & Cons of Investing in an IRA

  Is an IRA good for your situation? For those who don’t know what an IRA is, it stands for an individual retirement account. They are a popular place to save for retirement because they are flexible from the standpoint of what you can invest in. For example you can choose mutual funds, ETFs, index […]