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Financial Planning and Taxes In Training

In Training

Financial Success During Training & Beyond

Physicians Thrive has visited hundreds of training programs over the last decade and we know there is not a lot of time for a training physician to spend on their finances. We’ve broken out 4 major areas that you can gain control of during training to set yourself up for success. Our team of adivsors works exclusively with physicians and we are here for you whenever your schedule allows.

Reaching your financial goals starts with your overall compensation package. Have confidence is what you earn and avoid potential contract red flags by having contract reviewed and negotiated by professionals.

Physicians Thrive contract review process includes both an attorney and a financial advisor, each of whom specializes in guiding doctors through the contract negotiation process. We’ll help you avoid signing a contract that could potentially effect your family’s livelihood. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your employment opportunity, from both legal and financial perspectives, from a team that has reviewed contracts worth nearly $1 billion in the aggregate, in every state and in every specialty.