Malpractice is one of those nebulous things. It feels as if it could never happen to you. Unfortunately, it’s something that could happen to any doctor at any time. The losses can be enormous, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from a recent malpractice report completed by Medscape. It’s comprised of data from nearly 1,400 physicians who were sued for malpractice. The hard, statistical facts provide more insight in a very impactful way, making the implications of the data really hit home.

In almost all cases, the insurer paid the full payout amount.

Respondents to this malpractice survey advise other doctors to follow up even when you don’t think you have to; practice more defensive medicine; document more often and more thoroughly; and get rid of rude, demanding, noncompliant patients.


Full Medscape Medical Malpractice Report available here.


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