Physician Interviews: Employment Surprises

Don’t let inadequate interviewing cause employment surprises

When asked, most physicians say they feel equipped for the medical aspect of their career, but not prepared to interview and negotiate successfully. Many choose to ignore this and enter their interviews unprepared. Often times this leads to anxiety and a lack of information which can result in unfortunate surprises once employment begins.
Other physicians recognize this problem, but either don’t know where to start or can’t find the time to adequately prepare. In all of these circumstances physicians would benefit from knowing the following 5 rules which are a part of the 15 Basic Principles for a First Interview found in the Physician Employment Interview Kit™.

First 5 of 15 Principles

  1. Know what you want in the job: environment, location, colleagues, payor mix, call duty, money, practice philosophy and setting etc.
  2. Write down your questions based on what you want
  3. Bring your spouse (when applicable)
  4. Dress for success
  5. Engage the Environment

To request the full description of the interview principles and to more thoroughly prepare yourself for interviewing, negotiating and evaluating employment offers, learn more about our physician contract review services.

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