Disability Insurance Elimination Period

Disability insurance elimination period

Disability insurance is a safety net that all men and women can benefit from, regardless of the job they do. But for physicians that earn a high annual salary, it’s crucial. Like all insurance policies, disability insurance policies can be complex and difficult to grasp. There are many components and stipulations you need to be […]

How to Get a Higher Internal Medicine Salary

Get a Higher Internal Medicine Salary

Internal medicine physicians may be considered the generalists of medicine, but they are anything but. Also known as internists, they have a broad range of knowledge and specialties. Their extensive medical knowledge often makes them sought out by their peers for answers to puzzling healthcare problems. David Gremillion, MD, FACP, a Special Advisor to the […]

How Much Disability Insurance Do Physicians Need?

How much disability insurance do physicians need?

Malpractice insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, business insurance, homeowner’s insurance: physicians are required by law to carry various insurance policies. Many other important insurance policies are completely optional. And one of those optional insurance policies is disability insurance. Yet as a physician, you shouldn’t think of disability insurance as an option at all, and that’s […]

How to Make the Most of a Pathologist’s Salary

How to make the most of a pathology salary

As a pathologist, your career choice makes you among the most content of all who chose to follow a medical career. Your satisfaction in your work may be great, but what about your compensation? Are you satisfied with your salary as a pathologist? Would you like to see it grow? In years past, the job […]

Does Your Advisor Have a Fiduciary Relationship to You?

Financial advisor fiduciary relationship

You might assume an advisor would have your best interest in mind.  This isn’t always the case. Different types of advisors are held to different standards of care. What about your financial advisor? Does your advisor have a fiduciary relationship to you? What exactly is a “fiduciary relationship”?

5 Steps to Organize Estate Documents for Your Executor

Sullivan Cotter contract data

5 Steps to Organize Estate Documents for Your Executor One of the greatest gifts you can provide for your loved ones is careful planning and organization of your estate documents in preparation for your passing. During a time of grief, it can be incredibly stressful for your executor to identify and locate all your most […]

The Full Breakdown to Medical School Student Loans

Procuring the exact loan to pay for medical school can be difficult to maneuver. Because medical school student loans amount to a significantly large sum, the smallest detail can save you thousands of dollars in loan repayments. It is wise to take some time to research your options, so you feel confident you are taking […]

Choosing the Right Executor for Your Estate

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When it comes to estate planning, most physicians are familiar with the importance of establishing a legal will. However, many doctors overlook another key aspect of estate planning: choosing an executor for your estate. An executor is the person legally responsible for fulfilling the deceased’s financial obligations and for overseeing the distribution of assets according […]