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Alternative Tax Free Income for Physicians

When is the right time to use a life insurance contract as part of your financial plan Cash-value universal life insurance contracts are an often overlooked investment vehicle that can offer physicians tax-efficient, low-risk wealth accumulation. As you weigh the value of a life insurance contract in comparison to other financial products, it is helpful ... Read More

Life Insurance for Retirement: The Right (and Wrong) Approach

In order to pursue a career in medicine, physicians make tremendous personal and financial sacrifices. With the average medical resident facing nearly $200,000 in debt, it is no wonder that most young physicians feel tremendous pressure to start earning quickly and establish financial independence.  As many doctors are busy establishing their career, starting a family, ... Read More

Provider Reviews: Banner Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the best ways to provide financial protection for your spouse and children when you die. In the event of your death, a life insurance policy can be the difference between keeping your family accustomed to their lifestyle and having to sell their home or assets just to get by without your ... Read More

A Physician’s Guide to the Top Disability Insurance Companies

We can’t stress enough how important it is for physicians to have disability insurance. Disability insurance protects your current and future finances if you become injured, ill, or disabled and cannot do your job. It is an important measure of protection for all workers, but it is especially important for physicians and high-income earners. Without ... Read More

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Anyone with a family to protect understands the critical role life insurance plays in their financial plan. However, in determining the actual amount of coverage to provide essential protection needs, many people tend to adhere to simplistic rules-of-thumb, such as a “multiple of income,” which may leave them wondering if they own too much or too little ... Read More

Is It Time for Life Insurance?

Many younger Americans lack life insurance. A 2014 report from insurance industry analyst LIMRA found that only a third of Gen Y Americans have any life insurance coverage. In the same survey of 6,000 respondents, six in 10 Gen X and Gen Y Americans said their households would be hard pressed to make ends meet ... Read More

Whose Lives Should a Physician Insure?

The Physician’s Life Insurance Primer – Should you own life insurance on others? The primary reason most people own life insurance is to ensure that their loved ones will have the means to replace lost income and pay for their financial obligations in the event of their premature death. In fact, life insurance is a ... Read More