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3 Topics Physicians Should Avoid In Interviews

For young physicians, the job interview process can be a particularly nerve-wracking experience. After devoting years and years to your education, not to mention enormous sums of money, there is tremendous pressure to make a good impression on any potential employer. At Physicians Thrive, our advisory team has helped thousands of doctors navigate the interview, ... Read More

What a Physician Should Do If They Just Started a Job and Got Another Offer

It is common practice for physicians, regardless of their specialty, to sign a physician employment contract. Hospitals, healthcare groups, and private practices alike put contracts in place to protect both the employer and the physician. In many cases, signing a physician employment contract is a cause for celebration and congratulations. It usually means that you’re ... Read More

Everything That Physicians Need to Know About Cover Letters 

Every professional knows that a cover letter goes hand-in-hand with a CV. But, while cover letters tend to be standard across most industries, physician cover letters are a bit different. If you’ve spent time perfecting your CV so you can apply for a new position, now it’s time to get to work on that cover ... Read More

Q&A with a J-1 Waiver Physician

It’s no small task to navigate the U.S. immigration and visa process while simultaneously finishing your medical training. To hear first-hand insights about the J-1 waiver process, we spoke with a physician who has recently finished the job search process and signed an employment contract to qualify for a J-1 waiver. Here are some highlights ... Read More

How to Become a Medical Director

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a non-clinical job? Would you be interested in a challenging new position that will give you more authority in your field? If you’re a physician that’s ready to take on a leadership role, you may want to consider becoming a medical director. Following is an in-depth ... Read More

Physician Recruiting: Merritt Hawkins Review

There are many employment opportunities for certified, licensed physicians in the United States. In some areas of the country, physicians are in such high demand that bonuses have become almost a standard. As of 2017, physicians reported earning an average signing bonus of $30,000. But finding a job takes time, and finding the perfect job ... Read More