Searching Dermatology Jobs: How to Find the Best

Dermatologist working on patient

Whether you practice general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, or work as a Mohs surgeon, finding the perfect opportunity can take time and dedication. There are various ways you can go about finding a job in the city you want to work in and at a salary level that’s appropriate for your level of experience. […]

7 Alternative Jobs for Physicians

Alternative Jobs for Physicians

7 Alternative Jobs for Physicians Looking For a Change Are you burnt out from years of working long hours? Do you want to step away from clinical practice? You’re not alone. Many doctors suffer from burnout. After all, practicing medicine is demanding work. It certainly doesn’t have the best work-life balance of any career out […]

Your Full Guide to On-call Pay for Physicians

physician working long hours

It’s common for doctors to work long hours, but the end of a shift doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the workday. Many physicians have to be on-call at times — and that means being available to work even if you have the day or night off. While being on-call certainly has its drawbacks, it […]

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV

A New Graduates Guide to Writing a Strong CV Traditionally professions in healthcare have been considered safe career choices—even during a recession. Yet the recent pandemic has relentlessly targeted this field. As a result of patients putting off elective procedures or delaying necessary routine checkups to reduce possible exposure to the coronavirus, there has been […]

Which Physician Specialties Retire Early?

Physician running down hospital hallway

Though it sometimes doesn’t seem feasible, physician retirement is possible. And for physicians in certain specialties, retiring early isn’t just a dream — it’s a reality. Some specialties, particularly those with a shortage of physicians, have a high rate of doctors well over retirement age. Yet, others tend to see physicians retiring earlier in their […]

Practical Advice for Physicians to Feel Confident in an Interview

Practical Advice for Physicians to Feel Confident in an Interview

Practical Advice for Physicians to Feel Confident in an Interview Preparing for a first interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want to make a good impression and build a rapport with your interviewer. How do you do this? From researching the organization and scoping out the location, to knowing what questions to ask […]

Physician Letter of Intent: Should You Sign It?

Should you sign a physician LOI

Letters of intent are a normal part of the contract negotiation process and are the first step toward accepting a job offer. But you must be careful not to “tie your negotiation hands” when signing an offer letter. While the terms of employment may seem very simple and straightforward, signing this before you fully understand […]

Oral Surgeon Salaries: MD vs DDS MD vs OMFS

Oral surgeon salaries

There is a big debate in the oral surgeon industry regarding the value of the extra education that some choose to pursue. They call it “the million-dollar decision.” According to this idea, the extra two years of school that an oral surgeon needs for a medical degree will end up costing them. To the tune […]