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How to Work with a Physician Recruiter

Physician candidates often work with physician recruiters to find the best job opportunity. As a physician, you’ve probably already been contacted by various firms offering their services. You may have heard other physicians relate both negative and positive experiences with physician recruiters. This could deter you from using one in your job search process. This ... Read More

Hospital Credentialing: What to Expect as a Physician

It doesn’t matter whether you work in private practice or work for a hospital group. Almost every physician has to go through credentialing and privileging at some point in their career. These two terms are commonly spoken in the medical community, but do you really know what they mean? Do you know what they’re for ... Read More

Your Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Physician Consultant 

There are dozens of physician specialties. From hospitalists to cardiologists to surgeons, most physicians focus on one specialty and work strictly within that area of medicine. Yet some physicians don’t practice medicine at all. Some physicians work as physician consultants instead. Today we’re discussing what is physician consulting, where physician consultants work, and who they ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Physician Locum Tenens

Physicians work in a variety of different capacities. Some are employees of hospitals or health groups. Some operate their own private practices. Some work in other physician’s practices or small medical centers. And some work locum tenens. According to a recent study, nearly 50,000 physicians did locum tenens work in 2017. In fact, 94% of ... Read More

Physician Work-Life Balance: A How-To Guide for New Doctors

Today’s generation of young professionals are increasingly interested in the idea of “work-life balance.” They care about their careers, but they also care about how their jobs affect quality-of-life outside of the workplace.  For young physicians who are emotionally and financially invested in their first jobs, finding a work-life balance can be especially challenging. Fortunately, ... Read More