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We Do the Legwork When it Comes to Disability Insurance

Life happens. As a physician, what would you and your family do if you couldn’t work for an extended period of time because of an illness or injury? Your mortgage and bills? Your savings? Your lifestyle? It’s the “what if” scenarios that lead us to recommend disability insurance, particularly for physicians.. If you’re looking for ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 040- Should You Get Disability Insurance Without an Exam?

Do you need the disability insurance exam? You have options when it comes to disability insurance. One of those is if you should take the disability insurance exam or not. What is actually in that medical exam and does it matter? Justin Nabity is back in The Doctor’s Life Podcast studio to answer these questions. All episodes ... Read More

What Is Disability Insurance?

So what is disability insurance? I’ve been in the financial services industry for a little over 10 years working with clients helping them be successful now as well as plan for their future. Over this time, I’ve made a few observations. One common observation is that while we each have our own unique and personal ... Read More

Disability Insurance With an Exam…or Without?

Is it better to get disability insurance with OR without a medical exam? This topic comes up all of the time when doctors are considering… the question of, what is the best way to get disability insurance. Does it really matter? Does it affect the cost? How about what is included in the plan? Is ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 037- Do You Need Disability Insurance?

So do you need disability insurance? As many doctors move from in-training to practicing right now, there is a (very!) significant jump in salary. You’ve heard all about disability insurance. You’ve probably wondered ‘Do you need disability insurance?’. Dave Swan is back on The Doctor’s Life Podcast to tell you what you need to know about disability ... Read More

Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 030- Group Disability Insurance

You have probably been offered group disability insurance through an employer at some point in your career. There is a lot to think about with group disability insurance. Many of the factors are negative and do not benefit you at all. With it being disability insurance season, Justin Nabity is back on The Doctor’s Life Podcast to run through ... Read More