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How Disability Benefits Affect Physician Tax Planning

Do you know how taxes could impact the value of your disability benefits? Learn about the best disability insurance for physician financial planning: When you’re considering a long-term tax plan, you have to consider the good years, bad years, and any unexpected interruptions to your earning track. One of the most tragically common events that ... Read More

The 4 Questions Every Physician Should Ask About their Disability Insurance

Long-term, own-occupation disability insurance offers physicians critical income protection in the event of a serious illness or injury. However, not all disability insurance policies are created equally. The cost, terms, and benefits of disability insurance vary widely, and insufficient coverage can have disastrous financial consequences for physicians. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new policy ... Read More

Types of Disability Insurance for Physicians: Your Full Breakdown

Disability insurance is protection. Protection of your finances. Protection for your family. Protection for your future. It’s as important as having health or life insurance, yet not everyone has a policy. For physicians earning a high annual salary, it’s even more crucial. A physical disability or a serious illness can prevent you from working for ... Read More

What is a Residual Disability Insurance Rider?

Physician’s insurance can be a complicated business. Just when you think you understand what disability insurance is all about, you learn that’s there’s yet another curveball: optional riders. While most policies may seem straightforward, there are almost always optional add-ons that can provide you with even more benefits. Today we’re focusing on disability insurance and ... Read More

What You Need to Know About the Cost of Disability Insurance

While disability insurance can seem like a daunting purchase for young doctors, it provides indispensable financial protection.   There are an enormous variety of factors that determine the cost of a physician disability insurance: medical history, age, specialty, benefit level, insurance company—the list goes on. Because of all these variables, it can be difficult to ... Read More

AMA Disability Insurance for Physicians

Everyone should have disability insurance, no matter what type of work they do. But for physicians, this coverage is even more critical. If you become disabled and can’t work, disability insurance will help you cover your financial obligations. That way, you don’t have to deplete your savings account to pay the bills. As a physician with ... Read More