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Important May Market Update

In this video, Derek Prusa will discuss the heightened market volatility experienced in recent days. We also review the health of the US economy and look at various asset class performance for the month of May so far, illustrating the importance of diversification. Get Financial Planning For Physicians & Their ... Read More

Does Disability Insurance Cover Mental Health?

When it comes to disability insurance, coverage limitations and higher premiums are still common for physicians who have dealt with mental health issues. Mental health coverage is an important consideration when choosing a long-term disability plan, even if you don’t consider yourself likely to ever need this type of coverage. ... Read More

What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance provides financial protection if a policyholder becomes unable to work due to a disability (injury or sickness). If you’re unable to work, disability insurance pays a portion of your income to insulate you from financial hardship. Essentially, DI is income insurance that provides a safety net in the instance you can no longer ... Read More

Valerie King’s Story

When life happens, will you and your family be prepared? Find out how this single mother and ER doctor, Valerie King, M.D., managed when she found out she has ulcerative colitis. Need Coverage? Request a disability insurance comparison quote and get the lowest rates from only the top companies. Get ... Read More

Feranmi Okanlami’s Story

For physicians wondering why they need disability insurance, Feranmi Okanlami’s story is a personal example on how having coverage can save you from financial stress in a time of uncertainty. Get Free Disability Insurance Quotes Work with a disability insurance specialist and find the best coverage for you. Get Quotes Now ... Read More

2019 Disability Insurance Updates

Chances are you’ve been bombarded with messages of the importance of disability insurance for physicians. You have loans to repay, and are probably finally having the financial freedom to buy that car or house after living on a resident budget for years -so protecting your income is vital.   What ... Read More

Unpacking Short-Term vs. Long Term Disability Insurance for Doctors

For physicians, comprehensive disability insurance is the cornerstone of prudent financial planning. While no one anticipates suffering an unexpected illness or injury, disability claims are more common than you might think. It’s estimated that one third of American workers will experience a disability that prevents them from working at some point in their career.

Why Doctors Need Own-Occupation Disability Insurance

When it comes to disability insurance for doctors, not all plans are created equal. Most physicians and surgeons are well-aware of the importance of disability insurance, but the key differences between employer-provided group plans and own-occupation insurance can be easy to overlook at first glance. These distinctions, often buried within ... Read More

We Do the Legwork When it Comes to Disability Insurance

Life happens. As a physician, what would you and your family do if you couldn’t work for an extended period of time because of an illness or injury? Your mortgage and bills? Your savings? Your lifestyle? It’s the “what if” scenarios that lead us to recommend disability insurance, particularly for ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 040- Should You Get Disability Insurance Without an Exam?

Do you need the disability insurance exam? You have options when it comes to disability insurance. One of those is if you should take the disability insurance exam or not. What is actually in that medical exam and does it matter? Justin Nabity is back in The Doctor’s Life Podcast studio to answer these questions. All episodes ... Read More