Disability Insurance Elimination Period

Disability insurance elimination period

Disability insurance is a safety net that all men and women can benefit from, regardless of the job they do. But for physicians that earn a high annual salary, it’s crucial. Like all insurance policies, disability insurance policies can be complex and difficult to grasp. There are many components and stipulations you need to be […]

What Physicians Should Know About Mortgage Disability Insurance

What physicians should know about mortgage disability insurance

It’s easy to understand the value of having homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and term life insurance. These standard insurance policies are affordable, easy to get, and clear cut regarding what they cover and why you need them. But there are countless other insurance products on the market that aren’t so easy to understand. One of […]

How Much Disability Insurance Do Physicians Need?

How much disability insurance do physicians need?

Malpractice insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, business insurance, homeowner’s insurance: physicians are required by law to carry various insurance policies. Many other important insurance policies are completely optional. And one of those optional insurance policies is disability insurance. Yet as a physician, you shouldn’t think of disability insurance as an option at all, and that’s […]

Physician Practice Disability: BOE Reimbursement

Physician practice disability

Malpractice insurance. Life insurance. Group disability Insurance. As a physician, you probably already carry several types of insurance. But, depending on the type of physician you are, there may be one more type of insurance you may need: Business overhead expense insurance. BOE is a must for any physician that owns all or part of a […]

What to Do When Your Physician Disability Insurance Benefit Period Ends

What to Do When Your Physician Disability Insurance Benefit Period Ends

When you purchase a disability insurance policy, one of the decisions that you’ll need to make is how long you want your disability insurance benefit period to last. Your choice can significantly affect your insurance premium payment amount, but it can also determine how protected you will be in the case of unexpected tragedy.One in four of today’s […]

Physician Disability Insurance: Post-Claim Underwriting Explained

Post-claim underwriting explained

Having disability insurance is one of the best ways that physicians can protect their future income. Disability insurance can pay most of your income if you become too ill or injured to work. You can use the insurance money to pay for your mortgage, medical bills, utilities, car payments, other financial obligations and investments or […]

Group Disability vs. Individual Disability Insurance for Physicians

Group disability insurance policy

The need for disability insurance for professionals is crucial, and this is especially true for physicians. The choice of whether or not to get disability insurance isn’t a difficult one to make. The real issue is which policy to enroll in. In order to make that decision, you should have a good understanding of the […]

Provider Reviews: AMA Disability Insurance for Physicians

AMA Disability Insurance

After college, medical school, and residency, earning a physician’s salary is a welcome reward for the amount of education and training you’ve put in. But would you be able to live the lifestyle you want if you weren’t able to earn your physician’s income anymore? Disability insurance is one of the best ways to protect […]