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Financial Advisor

About Physicians Thrive

Physicians Thrive is the only contract review provider who gives physicians unlimited access to both a licensed attorney and a financial planner during the review & negotiation process. At Physicians Thrive, we’re here to help you understand and negotiate your contract before you sign.

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About this Position

Our Financial Advisors are part of a specialized sales team who help doctors with financial planning, investments, insurance, and consulting.

Responsibilities include:

    • Executing the vision of the firm by providing insurance and investment services to new and existing clients
    • Working with support staff to establish and maintain client records and files
    • Reviewing all paperwork for completeness and compliance
    • Maintaining excellent relationships with clients, advisors, vendor and broker-dealer
    • Ensuring daily blotters and other appropriate NASD broker-dealer requirements are maintained
    • Ensuring staff is completing all new business processing accurately

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