Weekly Market Update January 14, 2019

Stocks rose for the third consecutive week as major indices recovered over half the losses from the Q4 2018 sell-off. Since falling over 15% in the 14 trading days leading up to Christmas (and falling almost 20% since September), stocks have staged a relief rally in recent weeks. The S&P ... Read More

Weekly Market Update January 7, 2019

After more volatility, stocks closed the first week of 2019 higher as strong economic data and a “patient” Fed sparked a Friday rally. Following the New Year holiday, markets started 2019 on a bumpy note. Global stocks tumbled on Thursday after Apple issued negative revenue guidance going into the upcoming ... Read More

Weekly Market Update January 3, 2019

After the worst Christmas Eve ever for US stocks, markets rebounded to finish the week positive. The S&P 500 started the week on a negative note, with the Index falling 2.71% on Monday – Christmas Eve. This marked the first time in history the S&P 500 has recorded a loss ... Read More

Unpacking Short-Term vs. Long Term Disability Insurance for Doctors

For physicians, comprehensive disability insurance is the cornerstone of prudent financial planning. While no one anticipates suffering an unexpected illness or injury, disability claims are more common than you might think. It’s estimated that one third of American workers will experience a disability that prevents them from working at some point in their career.

Why Doctors Need Own-Occupation Disability Insurance

When it comes to disability insurance for doctors, not all plans are created equal. Most physicians and surgeons are well-aware of the importance of disability insurance, but the key differences between employer-provided group plans and own-occupation insurance can be easy to overlook at first glance. These distinctions, often buried within subtle contractual language, can be ... Read More

Physician Contracts: Make sure you’re earning your fair share. 

There’s no doubt you want to maximize your salary. What if there was someone less qualified than you in the department making more money than you are? You wouldn’t be happy. We hear stories like this all the time. They usually all have one thing in common: the physician didn’t get their contract reviewed before starting the position. ... Read More

Income Driven Repayment Plans for Physicians

If there’s one thing most residents have in common, it’s debt. If you are struggling to know how to manage your loans, don’t hesitate to talk to an advisor for some help. One solution we suggest for starting the process of paying back your debt is switching to an income-driven repayment plan. It’s often difficult for physicians to reach ... Read More

November 20, 2018 Weekly Market Update

The term “Brexit” has worked its way back into the spotlight as the March 2019 deadline quickly approaches. In June 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) held a referendum and voted to leave the European Union (EU). Over two years later, the event coined Brexit has been making headlines once again. On Wednesday it was announced ... Read More

November 13, 2018 Market Update

Markets rallied as US midterm elections went mostly as expected, with Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives and Republicans holding majority in the Senate. Though the election resulted in a split Congress, increasing the potential for political gridlock moving forward, markets rallied on the outcome. The reason? A split government will likely leave ... Read More

November 6, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Stocks finished higher for the week, but closed October with the worst monthly loss in multiple years. A strong labor market continued to support stocks as the US economy added 250,000 jobs last month, beating the expected gain of 190,000. With strong jobs growth, the unemployment rate remained at 3.7% – its lowest level since ... Read More