Common Misconceptions about Contract Review

What You Might Not Know About Your Contract “I think the contract is mostly good – I just want you to focus on the non-compete clause and tail coverage.” We hear this frequently from our physician-clients. When we dig deeper with our clients, we find the following things to be true most of the time.

Contract Review – Can I Get That In Writing?

In previous posts, I’ve highlighted the importance of understanding certain language in an employment contract that could come back to haunt you if not handled correctly. We discussed the forgiveness period as it pertains to loan repayment and the difference between “claims-made” versus “occurrence” malpractice insurance. But what other terms and conditions in your contract ... Read More

“Claims-made” vs. “Occurrence-based” Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Our physician-clients approach us with many questions regarding malpractice insurance coverage. The most common ones are “what kind of malpractice insurance is the employer providing me?” and “who will pay for tail coverage if I leave the employer?” Nowadays, most employers pay for malpractice insurance for their practicing physicians, especially for beginning and non-shareholder physicians. ... Read More

Malpractice by the Numbers

Malpractice is one of those nebulous things. It feels as if it could never happen to you. Unfortunately, it’s something that could happen to any doctor at any time. The losses can be enormous, both financially and in terms of reputation. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from a recent malpractice report ... Read More