Physician Contract Negotiation: Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent within Contract Negotiation Process Be careful not to “tie your negotiation hands” when signing an offer letter. Many employers use a Letter of Intent, also known as an Offer Letter, to get new physicians to agree to certain terms before they draft the actual employment contract. This is a routine part of ... Read More

Physician Contract Negotiation: Value of Multiple Offers

Using Multiple Offers for Contract Negotiation Having multiple employment offers provides additional leverage during contract negotiations When physicians are considering more than one employment offer, they often have additional leverage during negotiations. The reason for this is that the physician can utilize the strengths of each offer as a way to request changes in the ... Read More

Physician Tax Planning and Investment Vehicles

Take advantage of tax benefits from investment vehicles Physicians who have signed new physician contracts, are close to or have even started with their new employer or business partner(s) should begin preparing for the various tax management strategies with their investment opportunities. Whether this means working at a practice for the first time or transferring ... Read More

Physician Contracts: Termination Provisions

Pros and Cons of Without Cause Termination Provisions Go into physician contract negotiations with a healthy perspective on the “without cause” termination provision and protect your practice with counsel from attorneys who specialize in physician contract review and negotiation. Most employers have physician employment agreements (physician contracts) drafted with a provision in them that allow ... Read More

Specialty-Specific Physician Disability Insurance – Beware the Fine Print

Definition of Disability –“Own Occupation” vs. “Any Occupation” Beware the different definitions of disability found within disability insurance contracts. Some masquerade as if they provide true “own occupation” when in fact they do not. Make sure you get the most out of what you are paying for. Doctors have varying degrees of understanding when it ... Read More