September 17, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Global stocks experienced gains as the potential for renewed US – China trade discussions boosted markets. With a lull between Q2 and Q3 earnings season, trade tensions have dominated headlines and caused increased volatility so far in September. However, stock markets received some relief after it was announced the US and China were open to ... Read More

3 tips for picking disability insurance

Disability insurance is not on most people’s radar, but for physicians, it’s a must. As a young physician, your greatest asset is the ability to go to work and generate an income. Disability insurance protects this asset by providing you an income even if you become sick or injured. It can be hard to know where ... Read More

September 4, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Stocks jumped higher early in the week on optimism regarding US – Mexico trade talks. However, investor sentiment fell later in the week as Canada failed to reach an agreement in the deal which is hoped to eventually replace NAFTA. Furthermore, President Trump announced he is considering implementing $200 billion of new tariffs on Chinese ... Read More

August 28, 2018 Weekly Market Update from Physicians Thrive

The widely followed S&P 500 Index reached a new all-time-high, officially putting an end to the correction that started early in the year. Since closing at 2,872.87 on January 26, the S&P 500 has struggled to find positive momentum. By February 8 (just 9 trading days later), the Index had dropped over 10%, entering official ... Read More

August 20, 2018

Week in Review Despite a turbulent start to the week, US stocks pushed higher after it was announced the US and China would resume trade talks. Turkey’s currency, the lira, plummeted to an all-time-low against the dollar on Monday. This caused global stock markets to begin the week on a negative note as the ongoing ... Read More

August 15, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Global stock markets ended the week on a negative note as geopolitical concerns surrounding Turkey rattled investors. On Thursday morning, the Turkish delegation returned from the US with no progress on the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson. The US has been at odds with the country since 2016, when Turkish authorities arrested Brunson after ... Read More

July 2, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Week in Review Trade tensions continued to plague market sentiment as major global stock indices moved lower during the week. The week began on a negative note as the Trump administration threatened to block Chinese access to US technology, causing the tech-heavy NASDAQ composite to fall more than 2% on Monday. However, broad markets were ... Read More

June 26, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Week in Review Equity markets were mostly negative for the week as trade tensions continued to intensify. Following China announcing it may retaliate with tariffs on US exports, President Trump announced the administration would look into higher tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese imports. The back-and-forth dialogue between the US and China has ... Read More

June 18, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Markets were mostly stable during the week, barring a handful of intraday movements, as investors digested major macroeconomic events. As expected, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced its second rate hike of the year, increasing the federal funds rate by a quarter of a percent to a range of 1.75% to 2.00%. However, while many investors ... Read More

May 15, 2018 Weekly Market Update

Broad US equity markets experienced their strongest week since early March, pushing all major indices back into positive territory year-to-date. While there did not appear to be any major catalyst driving markets higher, investors seemed to be less deterred by geopolitical events than what has been experienced since the February correction. On Tuesday afternoon, President ... Read More