Tax Planning

Is Your Plan Tax-Efficient?

When planning for retirement, proper diversification goes far beyond having an investment allocation spread out among various asset classes. A truly diversified investment strategy also takes into consideration the impact of taxes both today and when we reach retirement.

A diversified investment strategy provides individuals the ability to minimize tax liability in order to optimize the tax efficiency of their portfolio both today and in their retirement years. Traditionally, individuals rely solely on their 401(k), IRAs or other tax-deferred vehicles for savings. However, this one-dimensional savings strategy provides little to no flexibility when an individual reaches retirement. Diversification involves spreading investments among tax-deferred, tax-favored and taxable accounts during a physician’s working years so that we can plan to optimize our tax situation in retirement.

Our transparent retirement planning process helps physicians approach retirement with confidence. We developed our process to prepare physicians for retirement by navigating fluctuations in the market through a properly diversified portfolio.

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