Filling the Gaps in Training

Physicians Thrive routinely presents to residents and fellows across the country on a variety of medical, financial and legal-related topics.

Whether on-site or via webinar, our educational sessions are tailored to fill the gap between medical training and business training and provide physicians with practical advice and strategies to help make sound financial, legal and business decisions.

Our firm works exclusively with physicians and their families, and we understand the stresses and financial pitfalls that are unique to the medical profession. We are a “family of doctors” who are passionate about equipping, training, and advising physicians so that they can work towards achieving their professional and financial goals.

We can tailor our presentations to the needs of the program or group. Above all, we aim to empower residents and fellows with the knowledge they’ll need to be more successful financially as they begin their career in private practice or in academics.

In addition to speaking with individual programs, we speak with House Officers Associations, Fellowship & Residency Associations, Spouse Support Groups, etc. We are regularly invited to present at Grand Rounds, weekly practice management gatherings, and after-hours dinners.

Educational sessions can be done either on-site or via webinar. To see a list of presentations and topics, please click here.