Meet The Prime Team with Rachel Tiller

Meet The Prime Team with Rachel Tiller


Whether you’re buying or selling a home, this specialized team of real estate agents supports physicians with a suite of relocation services.

The Prime Team is a group of top real estate agents partnering with Physicians Thrive to provide complimentary real estate relocation services to doctors across the nation. In every city both large and small. We spoke with the head of the Prime Team and powerhouse real estate agent Rachel Tiller to learn more about the group and how they are helping physicians across the country.

Tell me a little bit about the Prime Team. What services do you offer physicians? 

We look at ourselves as a concierge service connecting doctors to top real estate agents with experience serving physician clients in every city in the US.

Personally, I have over eight years of experience connecting buyers with top real estate agents all over the country. When I first worked with a Physicians Thrive client, it became clear that these referrals could provide an important service for doctors. Who often have to relocate for work and have very specific needs when it comes to home buying.

Therefore, The Prime Team, which consists of myself and five other top agents, was formed. Our team has been endorsed by Dave Ramsey, and ranked as the twelfth team nationally in our category in our second year partnering with them.

In partnership with Physicians Thrive, we help physicians with free real estate services all over the country. We match physicians with top real estate agents in their desired location, and can also recommend physician lenders. As part of the process, The Prime Team negotiates commission rates for our clients and ensures full transparency when it comes to fees. With the support of the financial planners at Physicians Thrive, we help doctors make informed, wise financial decisions when it comes to real estate.

How do the Prime Team and Physicians Thrive collaborate with each other?

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions that a physician will make. When you’re looking to purchase a property, you need more than just a realtor. You need a financially wise real estate agent with your best financial interests at heart. It was a natural fit for our team to work with like-minded financial planners at Physicians Thrive. To help provide our clients with the best financial services when buying or selling properties.

The Prime Team has had extensive experience making agent referrals for clients, families, and friends across the nation. Making a referral may sound like an easy service. However, the average person does not know how to evaluate or interview a real estate agent. We ask about hidden fees, how many homes they sell each year, how many physician loans they have worked with, how many properties in certain zip codes. Which are all necessary questions to determine whether an agent is qualified to help a specific physician. This vetting process requires expertise, and also takes time. By offering these services for free to physicians, we can help Physicians Thrive clients save time. As well as make informed real estate decisions.

Developing and sticking to a budget is also a great point of collaboration between financial planners and real estate agents. While a real estate agent can offer insight about a realistic budget for a specific property type or area, a financial advisor can work with doctors to develop a home-buying budget that complements their broader financial goals. Both The Prime Team and the advisors at Physicians Thrive are dedicated to making sure physicians stay within budget and make savvy financial decisions when it comes to buying and selling homes.

What is the process for matching doctors with real estate agents?

Based on the desired zip code of the physician, we identify the leading real estate agents in the area. Before making a referral or recommendation, we conduct a thorough vetting and inquiry process to make sure each agent meets our criteria and expectations.

The Prime Team has a database of top agents in almost every zip code. Based on a physician’s desired area, we will start contacting the top ten or so agents. We ask what their fees are, what services they offer, and what level of experience they have working with doctors. We also reach out to local physician lenders in the area to ask for agent referrals. Whenever we match a physician with an agent, we are looking for trusted, financially-wise professionals with expertise buying and selling for physician clients.

Why is it important for real estate agents to have experience working with doctors?

Doctors have unique needs when it comes to buying and selling real estate. There are different loan options, confidentiality concerns, and scheduling issues. Doctors have extremely busy schedules, irregular hours, and often have to move within a very short time frame. If an agent does not have experience working with physicians, they may not be prepared to accommodate these needs. Because physician clients often have limited availability, we look for agents who offer services like virtual tours. We also seek out agents who have substantial experience with physician loans.

Finally, the top real estate agents should be prepared to help physician clients with the broader financial aspects of choosing a home. For example, the length of a physician’s contract may dictate how long they expect to live in a given location. If a client is planning to live in a home for a year or two, the agent should be able to help the buyer find a property. Specifically that they can turn around and sell in a short amount of time. By avoiding certain areas or properties that may be more difficult to resell, an experienced agent can set up our doctors for success down the road.

What has the feedback been from clients so far?

We have tons of physicians contacting our team looking for agent matches all around the country. And they are having great success with their agents. Anytime a referral is involved, it elevates the level of service because agents know we will hold them accountable on the other end. It is not just a service provided to a client. There is another provider, The Prime Team, that upholds the expectations of great real estate services.

Can you share any insight about how the current real estate market is impacting physicians?

Physicians buying in this market are strong buyers. People know that professionals in the medical field have very solid jobs. So when doctors go to purchase a home, they can often negotiate for a better deal. There are still strong financial loan programs out there for physicians as well. So if doctors work with experienced agents and consult with a financial planner, they are in a very strong position to purchase a property right now. Whether a physician is looking to relocate, or even purchase a second home or investment property, we can help them make financially strategic decisions based on the current market.

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