We Do the Legwork When it Comes to Disability Insurance

Life happens. As a physician, what would you and your family do if you couldn’t work for an extended period of time because of an illness or injury? Your mortgage and bills? Your savings? Your lifestyle? It’s the “what if” scenarios that lead us to recommend disability insurance, particularly for physicians..

If you’re looking for different disability insurance alternatives and trying to balance cost and value, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to make sure you have access to only the BEST insurance companies for physicians.

When it comes to disability insurance, there’s a lot to consider.

We know you may have questions about the best time to buy, which riders you need, how much insurance you need, whether you need a supplemental policy if your residency already provides one, or how different policies work together — and we will help navigate you through all those details.

We do the research for you so you can focus on what you do best: diagnosing illnesses and saving lives.

Think of us as your personal disability insurance shoppers, pulling together multiple options to help you protect your income at the lowest price possible. And, as we are not tied to any particular insurance product or carrier, we stay unbiased in our approach.

Did we mention we provide discounts? Because so many physicians use us for disability insurance planning, we have access to discounts at most medical institutions across the U.S.

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