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Strong financial plans should include strategies designed to minimize your tax liability and make sure you are not making any mistakes with your tax returns.

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What Does Good Planning Look Like?

Get ongoing education and advise on everything related to the dollar. Our financial planning includes tax preparation, filing and reduction strategy in addition to ongoing financial planning. See what’s included in our planning. 


Physicians routinely have their taxes filed with the advice of a tax professional that primarily focuses on what you cannot do, rather than what you can do. There should be a proactive plan that is personalized to your unique financial situation, goals, and level of risk tolerance.


With all the options out there, our approach makes what seems complex simple. You define your goals and we help you reach them in conjunction with lowering your tax liability wherever legally possible.


A key distinction of our financial planning process is our advisors’ ability to match the best tax planning options available according to your unique situation. This means identifying options that give you the highest probability of reaching your goals while requiring the lowest amount of funding. 

Comprehensive Planning ​

With so many different approaches to financial planning, we model our financial planning process with the same intentionality you do with each patient; personalized on a case by case basis.


Get information from a trusted source.

What is a fiduciary when you are talking about financial planning? Not all advisors are fiduciaries. Advisors who act as fiduciaries are legally and ethically obligated to make recommendations in the best interest of the client. Our financial advising relationships are built around educating physicians on the strategies that become a part of their individualized plan.

Get ongoing service.

We are on call for our financial planning and tax clients. Physicians Thrive team of advisors are a resource for you during both your major and minor financial decisions. Our team is here to help you with anything and everything related to the dollar.  

One way we are here to serve you is with an annual contract review. This includes contract renewal with the same employer or an employment offer from a new job opportunity, as well as a review of the annually updated MGMA compensation data with your advisor. Ensure your being compensated fairly as you advance in your career.  


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What's Included in Physicians Thrive Financial + Tax Planning

  • Updated cash flow, budget, and all numbers for income statement and balance sheet
  • Education planning and tracking
  • Updated financial report
  • Review of your investment portfolio and returns (employer retirement plans & personally owned accounts) 
  • Tax filing and prepare for the coming year to maximize savings
  • Evaluate real estate appraisals and refinancing options
  • Discussion of opportunities for buying and/or selling a home
  • Assess possible career changes, business planning assessments, compensation review
  • Review of any employment agreement
  • Audit of student loans
  • Credit report review
  • Evaluation of employer retirement plans
  • Risk tolerance assessment for all investment accounts and adjust as needed according to life changes
  • Review of life insurance, disability insurance, and other areas of risk management
  • Estate planning audit
  • Insure that beneficiaries are up to date on all accounts and policies
  • Annual in-depth progress report

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Submit the form below to learn more about how Physicians Thrive can provide additional value to what you’re already doing.

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On a case by case basis, we strive to help each physician we work with plan wisely.