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99% of Physicians Thrive clients sign their contract after our contract review and negotiation process.
Employment contracts are the foundation of your finances and your ability to make future career choices. At Physicians Thrive, we’re here to help you understand and negotiate your contract before you sign.

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Physicians Thrive is the only contract review provider who gives physicians access to both a licensed attorney and certified financial planner with every review.

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Our team has worked with over 5,000 physicians throughout all 50 states.

Committed to your success
Whether it’s your first job or you’re an experienced physician, we want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and are not legally confined by an unfair contract.

One of the most damaging financial threats to your career as a physician is the possibility of inadequate compensation through complex payment formulas or a contract containing legal pitfalls that undermine future income. Low compensation and contract loopholes are two of the main reasons almost 50% of physicians leave their employers, according to the 2013 Physician Retention Survey by Cejka Search and AMGA

If you are interested in engaging our team, you will receive an electronic link where you pay and upload the employment documents and other information related to the opportunity(ies). Once this is done, you are provided a link where you schedule calls with the financial advisor (first) and the lawyer (second). These calls often can be done as soon as 24 hours later.

During your call with the financial advisor, s/he will provide a detailed, written comparison of your offer to industry standards as well as the MGMA database and our own database, and then use that to discuss what changes could be requested. During your call with the attorney, s/he will incorporate the issues discussed with the financial advisor, discuss issues posed by the legal documents, and then coach you in negotiation strategy.

After these calls, if you would like to continue communications with the employer, we will wait in the wings, ready to answer any questions, step in if needed, and prepared to review and discuss the employer’s response. If you would like the attorney to negotiate for you, s/he is willing to do so for no additional charge. Of course, there may be additional phone calls and/or email correspondence during the negotiation process and as things are finalized. The average client will have thorough phone calls with the advisor and attorney at the initial review stage, and then a briefer phone call or email correspondence after negotiation, in order to review the employer’s response, to help decide whether to sign the new (normally final) contract version.

We offer different turnaround times for each of our different packages and expedited options for physicians in a time crunch. Typically, we complete the full process within 3-5 business days.

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Flat Rate

1 Employment Opportunity Reviewed

Unlimited Consultations with Financial Advisor

Access to Independently Contracted Attorney

Annual Access to MGMA Compensation Data

Compensation Audits for Your Entire Career

Annual Income Tax Audit

Option for Attorney to Negotiate on Your Behalf

2-3 Day Turnaround Time



Flat Rate

2-3 Employment Opportunities Reviewed*

Unlimited Consultations with Financial Advisor

Access to Independently Contracted Attorney

Annual Access to MGMA Compensation Data

Compensation Audits for Your Entire Career

Annual Income Tax Audit

Option for Attorney to Negotiate on Your Behalf

2-3 Day Turnaround Time

*After 3 employment opprotunitites. you can have additional contracts reviewed for $250 each. 

Additional Contract Review Services

Our team is happy to assist physicians outside of the contract services listed above. If you have a question or would like assistance is other contract areas, please contact our team

What Makes Our Package Better

Our review package is the only one that involves both a lawyer and a financial adviser team with Certified Financial Planner(s). Our lawyers have experience in all 50 states, specializing in employment and health law, and have been in practice for at least 15 years. Our financial team does a deep dive into the compensation and benefits of your employment contract so that you know where your offer stands in relation to other contracts in your specialty and region. The financial team also assists with benefits enrollment when your job begins, is available for income tax reduction consultations, and runs analyses of lifetime compensation expectation.

When it comes to negotiation, many physicians decide to negotiate for themselves, in which case our attorneys coach them on negotiation strategy. Whatever you decide, we are there to help you all the way to the finish line, whether it means communicating directly with the employer for you, or “ghost” negotiating in the background.

Additionally, if required, we can often offer faster turn around times, without upgrade fees. We aim not to “nickel and dime” our clients.

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How Physician Contract Negotiating Works

The first step of negotiating is the receipt of the contract. Before you make any change requests consult with your attorney.

It is better to send over change requests at one time as opposed to a series of calls and emails. If you ask for changes one at a time, you are not only limiting your bargaining potential. You could also come off as overly needy to your new employer.

When you review the contract with your attorney and compensation advisor, the goal is to determine which items are worth negotiating with your potential employer.

The answer is: all of them!

At this stage, virtually all employers are open to hearing questions and requests for changes. Employers are expecting you to come back with a counter offer, so use this opportunity to negotiate every part of the contract.

The only exception is if the physician already had extensive back-and-forth negotiation with the future employer. If that happens, the attorney is limited in how much more to negotiate. In this situation, pushing too much more could come across as too aggressive. This is why it’s vital for the physician to team up with an attorney as soon as possible. If your employer is expecting a quick turn around, delay signing until negotiation has taken place.

There is no need to rush the contract review process. There is a lot at stake and your options must be reviewed carefully.

Just because employers are open to hearing your terms doesn’t mean they will accept all (or any) of your requests. It simply means that virtually all employers are open to discussing anything at the start.

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

When you present your ideal terms, the most significant risk is that the employer says “no.”

Since a simple “no” is the worst that can happen, don’t hold back. You’ll never get the salary range you’re dreaming of unless you ask for it.

Don’t be hesitant, shy, or afraid to ask questions or make requests for contract modification at this stage.

In our process, after the legal review and physician compensation/benefits analysis, when the employer is approached about making certain modifications, the employer will respond in one of three ways:

  1. The employer will accommodate all requests.
  2. The employer will not accommodate any requests.
  3. The employer will accommodate some requests but reject others.

Response #3 is the most common. This is a negotiation, after all. You should be expected to meet somewhere in the middle.

What about rejected terms? Should you push back after an initial rejection?

Certainly, pushing too hard at this later stage has the potential to damage the relationship with the employer. However, a skillful attorney can “read” the employer to see if there is any willingness to negotiate further, and if so, determine what leverage can be created on the physician’s behalf to do so.

What Happens if They Revoke The Employment Offer?

Some physicians are overly cautious during the negotiation stage because they are afraid the potential employer will rescind an offer.

Less than 1 percent of the time (according to the attorneys we work with), employers may react negatively to negotiation and revoke the offer.

This is highly unprofessional.

In our experience, when an offer is revoked, it is usually a sign that the employer may not be a good fit anyway. Who wants to work for an employer who’s not open to discussing contract details? This is usually the sign of an employer that is unbending, has poor communication in the workplace, and has unfriendly employment conditions.

If a potential employer is not open to hearing your terms, it’s probably time to move on. It’s better to discover negatives about the employer before signing the contract!

Why You Should Hire Professionals

Contract review is only part of the process in “closing” an employment offer. After inspection, the hard part starts: negotiation. As communication continues, it can become more delicate and more awkward.

Fortunately, skillful attorneys and compensation advisors can help navigate these waters with confidence.

Physician employment agreements are not only legal documents, but they also set the stage for a physician financially and outline benefits like health insurance coverage. Since so much is at stake, the contract review process should include both an attorney and a financial advisor, each of whom specializes in guiding doctors through the physician contract negotiation process.

When you work with Physicians Thrive, you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your employment opportunity, from both legal and financial perspectives, from a team that has reviewed contracts worth over $1 billion in the aggregate, in every state and in every specialty.

We uniquely tailor each physician partnership agreement to the particular business situation. In every partnership opportunity, there are several elements to be mindful of. We can walk you through the crucial steps to ensure your partnership opportunity is in your best interest.

Make sure you’re aware of what to look for in a partnership opportunity by contacting us at 877-744-9474 or by filling out the form below.

Physicians Thrive Reviews

I was referred to Physicians Thrive by my attending during completion of my surgical critical care fellowship. As I approached my first attending position, I needed guidance and Wealth Advisor Dave Swan of Physicians Thrive has been the perfect aide through Contract Review, Own Occupation Disability Insurance and now Financial Planning and Accounting--all facets with which I was fairly unfamiliar. As we all know, medical school doesn't prepare us for any of these adult issues and Physicians Thrive has been an amazing tool to build a financial future while doing what I love. I would highly recommend this company to my colleagues as early as possible during their careers.
Nakesha King M.
Excellent experience with Michaela and Steve as they helped me navigate my first contract negotiation! Highly recommended!
Aaron H.
My physician contract was reviewed quickly and professionally. Two-part review includes legal review with attorney and financial review with financial advisor. Would use again.
Earl S.
Dave was incredibly helpful and always available. I really appreciated all of the information and assistance.
Chris H.
Michaela and Phil have been great to work with through 2 contract reviews. Very professional and easy to communicate with. Peace of mind is worth the money but they did so much more! I’m very thankful and blessed to have them work on my behalf!
Kathleen E.
Working with Physicians Thrive has been a wonderful experience. We worked with Justin Nabity and Steven Stratman, who helped us navigate our first contract negotiations. Because of them, my husband and I have been able to find and negotiate terms for jobs that are a great fit for us. They are great people to have in your corner, especially when you are just coming out of training. I have already recommended Physicians Thrive to several of my co-fellows and former co-residents.
Reeti G.
I worked with Dave Swan recently for disability insurance. Dave and his team were very professional and courteous. He took the time to explain to me the details about disability insurance and found the best prices for me. He was always available for questions and was overall a pleasure to work with. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family in need for financial advice.
Jigar P.
My first time working with Physicians Thrive was for a contract review, and I was really impressed by the expertise of their team. It was obvious Dave (the financial advisor) and Steve Stratman (the attorney) had worked with hundreds of physician contracts, because they were able to identify potential trouble areas quickly and explain how different clauses could negatively affect my work. They also asked me about my professional, financial and personal priorities to help understand my goals for the contract as well as provide me with help after I signed the contract with financial planning services and access to their accounting team for tax reduction strategies. Knowing they can help me with student loan repayment, planning for a new home purchase and retirement planning is so relieving at a time when I'm in transition to my new job and have so many questions about my finances.In terms of salary review, they had amazing data tools to illustrate how the salary offer compared to other doctors with a similar location, experience level, subspecialty, and even productivity levels. There is no way I could have found information with this level of detail on my own.I needed a quick turn-around and they were able to review the contract and give feedback within just a couple of days.The whole process helped me negotiate my contact confidently and strategically, and I ended up getting a better salary offer. I couldn't recommend Dave & Steve Stratman for contract review services more. I also further have a meeting set with Dave to discuss disability insurance and continue our discussion about financial education and planning in the upcoming weeks.
Saurabh S.
Brilliant owner and staff. A delight to work with!
Amy G.
I currently do business with Physicians Thrive and they are by far one of the most stand up, do it right, integrity based organizations I've ever worked with. Their knowledge complimented by their unbeatable follow up is what makes them the best at what they do. Additionally I'm a HUGE fan of their mission to cure blindness... truly noble efforts on that from as well!
Derek P.
Extremely professional and passionate about everything they do. High integrity from owner and all staff.
Rick M.
Great staff and down to earth. Can't say enough about this company and their staff!
Michael W.
Justin is a Rock Star! Professional, courteous, and an industry leader.
Brian G.
5 star service
Ryan Z.
Justin is fantastic to work with. He is knowledgeable and really listens. I highly recommend Justin and his team.
Stephen L.
I am really pleased with this entire group. They work hard to keep you engaged and up to date with important aspects of financial stability that we often times put on the back burner given our very busy schedules. They are passionate about their job and they do not use a cookie cutter approach. Each individual or family is unique and they tailor your needs to your specific situation. I have been working with them for 7 years and they have always been very helpful and professional.
Andrew C.
Justin Nabity of Physicians Thrive has been representing my family for over four years. We could not be happier with the service he provides for us and our financial peace of mind. From helping with my wife's contract negotiations and ensuring we have enough insurance coverage to establishing a living will and trust for our kids, Justin has been instrumental in guiding us through the process of protecting my family's financial future. Thank you, Justin!!!
Robert Terp, J.
My husband and I have been with Justin since my husband was a fellow. He has helped us navigate life insurance, disability insurance and financial planning. Over the years, he has become not only our financial planner but a friend. I recommend Justin and Physicians Thrive to physicians and non physicians anytime someone mentions needing a financial planner!
Amanda B.
The team members at Physicians Thrive are highly committed to the success of their clients. They all go above and beyond and exceed client expectations.
steven S.
I have been very pleased with Physician's Thrive. Their representatives are always responsive and helpful. Michaela is pleasant and eager to help. Even if something is outside of her scope, she will talk to her colleagues or do some research to help provide guidance. It is great to have one reliable place to go for a wide range of services. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks.
Ealena C.
Great company to work with, helped me set up own occupation disability insurance and were very helpful and great at explaining things along the way.
Nick P.
Great people and great company
What an amazing, honest and successful firm. Thank you!
Derrick E.
This firm does a tremendous job for their clients!
Harry A.
First class perofessionals. Dedicated to doing what is right for their clients.
Guy Baker, PhD, MBA, M.
A team that has vision, passion and care for their clients. Appreciate the philanthropic mission in giving back to others.
Jeff B.
Justin is so knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I cannot recommend him and his company highly enough.
Morgan D.
We've been using these guys for about 7 years now and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great people, trustworthy as can be. Just really glad we came across them.And...if you're a pilot they can set you up w/ the right kind of insurance 😉
Jeremy A.
Justin and his team are top notch and provide a level of specialized service that is not found very often.
Aaron M.
This is an excellent company that is driven by purpose. I really admire what Justin and his team are doing for Physicians and the community.
Curt D.
Justin Nabity is an excellent business leader with high integrity and the best interests of his clients front of mind. I have learned a lot about Justin while working with him on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization
Dan H.
If you are a physician and need an advisory group please check these guys out! They help many make confident financial choices everyday in everything from contracts, insurance to retirement planning. So awesome to have a financial company specialize in a group instead of go for the masses.
Lallenia B.
Very forward thinking company that is client focused with strong community awareness
Shawn K.
Fantastic resource. incredible value provided to our clients. Cannot recommend Justin strongly enough.
hunter E.
This is such a great company with an amazing vision for the future! The owners are very focused and hardworking!
Sierra K.

Experience and quality that can’t be beat.

Physician employment agreements are not only legal documents, but they also set the stage for a physician financially and outline benefits like health insurance coverage

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