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Best States to Practice Medicine…and Why

When it comes to deciding where you should go next for your practice, you have to ask yourself the question “where’s the best place to live?” Then you have to think about what should factor into your decision? Things like income, taxes, cost of malpractice and cost of living probably come to mind. Wouldn’t it ... Read More

15 Interviewing Tips for Physicians

When you walk into a first interview, what do you need to be thinking? How should you dress? What should you ask? How should you relate to the interviewer? These are all critical questions you should answer to present yourself in a way that will impress and build rapport with a potential employer. They are ... Read More

Physician Compensation – Know Your Worth

Go into interviews and contract negotiations with proper compensation expectations. The initial interview with a prospective employer or business partner is the right time to establish a good environment to negotiate the salary and compensation plan. By asking the wrong questions or giving ill-prepared answers, candidates may limit their ability to get a better offer ... Read More