Types Of Investors: Why Being Overconfident Can Cause More Losses

Types Of Investors — Why Being Overconfident Can Cause More Losses

Types Of Investors: Why Being Overconfident Can Cause More Losses Article written by Alicia DonovanFor the exclusive use of physiciansthrive.com There are all different types of investors in the world. Some are strategic and ambitious, seeking avenues to maximize income from the markets in a short time. Others are cautious and risk-averse and adopt a […]

Why Doctors Should Consider Real Estate Investing

Why doctors should consider real estate investing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicians in the U.S. earn an average of $208,000 per year. And while this is significantly higher than most people in other professions, a $208k salary alone won’t necessarily make you “rich.” If you want to build wealth on a physician’s salary, you’ll need to know where and […]

Oral Surgeon Salaries: MD vs DDS MD vs OMFS

Oral surgeon salaries

There is a big debate in the oral surgeon industry regarding the value of the extra education that some choose to pursue. They call it “the million-dollar decision.” According to this idea, the extra two years of school that an oral surgeon needs for a medical degree will end up costing them. To the tune […]

Beginner’s Guide to Physician Tax Planning

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Beginner’s Guide to Physician Tax Planning For new doctors, the transition from medical resident to attending physician often brings a nearly four-fold salary increase. This pay hike can come as a great relief for a young physician, however it also raises new questions about taxes, investments, and long-term savings. To plan for their increased tax […]

How Much Does Malpractice Insurance Cost?

How Much Malpractice Insurance Costs

Regardless of your area of medicine, one thing all physicians worry about is the possibility of a malpractice suit. It’s bad enough when mistakes happen and things go wrong with a patient in your care. Being slapped with a malpractice lawsuit can make the experience even more devastating. And that’s why malpractice insurance coverage is […]

Compensation: Comparing the Top Reports of 2020

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Compensation: Comparing the Top Reports of 2020 As we approach the end of the year, millions of healthcare professionals are reflecting on their financial year. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted virtually every aspect of social and economic life in the United States, so it is an especially important time to think about how best to […]

High Salary Specialties: Plastic Surgeon Salary

Plastic surgeon salary

If there’s one thing that all physicians have in common, it’s that they want to make sure they earn fair compensation for the difficult work they do. And in high-paying specialties, such as plastic surgery, the salaries can range dramatically depending on who you serve, where you practice, and in what subspecialty you work. Of […]

Disability Insurance Elimination Period

Disability insurance elimination period

Disability insurance is a safety net that all men and women can benefit from, regardless of the job they do. But for physicians that earn a high annual salary, it’s crucial. Like all insurance policies, disability insurance policies can be complex and difficult to grasp. There are many components and stipulations you need to be […]