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How To Avoid Common Physician Tax Errors

While it’s true that most doctors are relatively high-earners, physicians also face unique financial obligations (i.e. high loan repayment, disability insurance premiums, etc.) that make it essential to avoid any mistakes when it comes to taxes. By avoiding a few common tax errors, doctors can keep more of their earnings to put towards financial goals ... Read More

How Much Does Malpractice Insurance Cost?

Regardless of your area of medicine, one thing all physicians worry about is the possibility of a malpractice suit. It’s bad enough when mistakes happen and things go wrong with a patient in your care. Being slapped with a malpractice lawsuit can make the experience even more devastating. And that’s why malpractice insurance coverage is ... Read More

Momentum Continues During Holiday-Shortened Week

Stocks finished the holiday-shortened week higher on continued trade optimism. The largest gains came on Wednesday and Thursday following news that US and Chinese officials confirmed plans to meet in early October. This was a relief to many as recent tariff announcements signaled talks might be canceled indefinitely. While consumers have supported a growing economy, ... Read More

Stocks Snap Losing Streak On Renewed Trade Optimism

Stocks ended a volatile August on a high note, snapping a four week losing streak as trade optimism carried markets higher. The week started on a positive note as President Trump appeared to deescalate recent trade tensions stating he believed China wanted to make a deal and the prospects for a deal were the best ... Read More

Volatility Continues as Widely Watched Yield Curve Inverts

Major US stock markets finished negative for the third consecutive week as bond yields continued to plunge. Wednesday was particularly negative as stock indices fell around 3% following a yield curve inversion – when longer-term Treasury yields fall below shorter-term Treasury yields. Though there had been partial yield curve inversions earlier in the year, the ... Read More