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6 Current Events That Are Shaping How You Invest Your Money Specially written for by: Reina Jewel A few months ago, we posted about concerning market trends and news. The market was showing signs of decline, and many people were selling assets in something of a panic. And even then it wasn’t entirely clear ... Read More

Provider Reviews: Banner Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the best ways to provide financial protection for your spouse and children when you die. In the event of your death, a life insurance policy can be the difference between keeping your family accustomed to their lifestyle and having to sell their home or assets just to get by without your ... Read More

How Physicians Can Avoid the Tax Trap Triangle

At Physicians Thrive, there is one investment pitfall that we see physicians struggle with so often, we gave it a special name: The Physician Tax Trap Triangle. The Tax Trap Triangle describes an imbalance of three key tax-advantages within a retirement portfolio, and it poses a critical risk to physicians’ long-term financial stability.  What is ... Read More

Medical School Loan Repayment

After college, medical school, and residency, you’re finally ready to get to work as a practicing physician. You should be excited that you’ve reached the point in life where you can actually begin your career. But many physicians don’t feel that excitement because they’re faced with the heavy burden of paying back student loans. Unfortunately, ... Read More

Physician Tax Planning and Investment Vehicles

It is essential for new physicians to understand the structures and tax-advantages of different employer-offered retirement plans. When you sign the employment contract for your first attending position, your financial position can transform dramatically overnight. Along with a substantial raise, you can expect a considerable increase to your tax burden. To evaluate an employer’s retirement ... Read More

The Market and News Have Me Worried

What should I do with my investments right now? Over the past 12 market days, the S&P 500 has dropped 17.5%. There is a global health crisis. Oil prices have dropped 45% YTD, 30% in just one day. Interest rates have plummeted. Given the above, it’s natural for people to be concerned (even frightened) about ... Read More