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Do Contract Reviews Work?

Contract reviews can be expensive. Do contract reviews work? Anticipation is defined as a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen or the act of preparing for something. On average, physicians spend at least 10 years in training and preparing to step into their career. When that day finally comes you’re presented ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 014- Employee or Independent Contractor

There are some definite pros and cons to being an employee or independent contractor. When you are conducting a job search, you need to make sure you understand your position’s status as an employee or independent contractor, and proceed as such. Justin Nabity is in The Doctor’s Life Podcast studio with an excellent guide on ... Read More

Why Is a Contract Review A Must?

One of the aspects of a doctor’s life that is amazing to watch is how they go through so many years of training…learning, developing, trying to get up to speed in their specialty, doing all of this so that they are ready to start their career. They get to the end of those years, and, ... Read More